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Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, '17

Current Broadcast Associate for CBS This Morning


CBS News

CBS News
Democrats reject Trump's temporary DACA offer for wall funding

President Trump is defending his first concrete proposal for compromise since the government shutdown began. He offered immigration concessions in exchange for billions in border wall funding. But he did so without consulting Democrats who rejected it almost immediately. Major Garrett reports.

Columbia Journalism School

NY City Lens
Finding Flamenco at 75

On Saturday afternoons, 75 year-old Betty Dooley can be found tapping and swaying in a dance studio in Midtown.

NY City Lens
Astoria: New Technology, Old Guard

In Astoria, many of the old family-run businesses that put down roots in the community long ago are still in place. If you stroll down Broadway, you'll see them. There is Sac's Place, a simple and rustic Italian restaurant that has been open for nearly 20 years.

NY City Lens
Spreading a Message of Diversity Through Music

On Monday nights, singing voices accompanied by a piano can be heard floating through the windows of a private school building in the East Village. This is where Lavender Light: The Black and People of All Color's Gospel Choir rehearses. Three black, gay men who felt excluded by their churches formed the group in 1985.

NY City Lens
The Chinese Culinary Paradise Only Insiders Know About - NY City Lens

In downtown Flushing, residents enjoy Chinese delicacies from food stalls hidden from sight. Located across the street from Queen's Library Flushing branch, this secret culinary treasure sits in the basement of the Golden Shopping mall, one of the hundreds of unimpressive low-rises in this Chinese-majority neighborhood.

The Ink.nyc
Memorial Honors New Yorkers Who Have Died of HIV/AIDS

Waldo Rodriguez, Jeff McPherson, Barry Washington. Those were just three of the thousands of names read on Thursday honoring New Yorkers who have died of HIV/AIDS in the 35 years since the first reported case in the city. Their names were read during the dedication ceremony of the new AIDS Memorial in St.

The Midtown Gazette
"Fame" school calls for a return to its original mission

BY Katryna Perera In early August a petition titled "Bring Fame back to the 'Fame' school" was created by members of the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School community who think that the school ought to stick to what it does best - develop the artistic gifts of New York City's most talented youth.

The Hawk

The Hawk
St. Joe's, the Jesuits and Slavery: Part 1

Last November students at Georgetown University sat in protest outside the office of their university president. They were sitting in solidarity to object the university's recent announcement that a newly renovated residence hall would be named after a former Georgetown president, Thomas Mulledy, S.J.

The Hawk
St. Joe's, the Jesuits and Slavery: Part 2

Saint Joseph’s University was founded as St. Joseph’s College in 1851 by Jesuits from the Maryland Province, just 13 years after the Maryland Jesuits sold off their slaves.

The Hawk
A handshake with the pope

When they won the election for executive positions on the Saint Joseph's University Student Senate, two students never dreamed that election would mean that they would one day shake the hand of the pope. During the Student Senate meeting Monday, Sept.

The Hawk
What does the new sexual misconduct policy mean for a survivor?

News Top Stories In January of 2009 Ann Lee, a student of Saint Joseph's University at the time, was drugged and raped by a fellow St. Joe's student. After the incident, she wasn't really sure what had happened. She didn't talk about it for months.

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