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Katrina Kirsch

Editor | Copywriter | Content Strategist

Location icon United States of America

Hi, I'm Katrina—an editor, copywriter, and content marketing strategist. I believe content should be about connection, which is why I focus on creating compelling messages that engage an audience.

My most recent experience has been working as an Account Managing Editor for Digital Press, a ghostwriting agency that specializes in thought leadership marketing.

I've also created copy for a variety of purposes and platforms, from print newspapers to online social accounts. No matter the form, I aim to connect with and inform readers while contributing to company goals.


Personal Writing

What Happens When You Move Somewhere New - Katrina Kirsch - Medium

I'm not going to lie, the thrill of moving to a new place is one of my favorite feelings. It's a blissful - and admittedly cheesy - "anything can happen" rush. A new city, new people, endless places to explore. But not everyone sees it that way. Many people I know are terrified of moving.

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Mad Mouse Creative - A Web Design and Marketing Company
Augmented & Virtual Reality: A New View for Marketing Your Business

As marketers, we're always dabbling with the latest technology. After all, our worlds are inherently digital. Even at home, we're surrounded by technology. And depending on how connected we choose to be, we can now trade our world for that of augmented or virtual reality.

Mad Mouse Creative - A Web Design and Marketing Company
Working Remotely: The Perspective of a Fully Remote Team | Mad Mouse Creative

What does your ideal office look like? Does it overlook a park or mountain vista? Or does it have a solid oak desk and restaurant-grade coffeemaker in the corner for fresh afternoon brews. While we all have a dream work space, the difference today is it can be anything from your dining room table to a corner office in a downtown high rise.

Mad Mouse Creative - A Web Design and Marketing Company
Our Top 6 Picks for Best Roofing Websites in 2017 | Mad Mouse Creative

We can all admit it-roofing companies aren't typically on the forefront of stunning web development or cohesive branding. Even researching the list gave our team jolting flashbacks to web design in the early 2000s! Although we're still recovering, we're ready to highlight the best roofing websites out there and share what we learned along the way.

Water Extraction Experts - Fort Collins Water Removal
How Upcycling Graywater Can Save the Environment & Your Money | Blog Post

Upcycling graywater is a new practice sweeping across eco-conscious and budget-friendly households. But why use the same water for washing laundry and watering your plants? Read on to learn about graywater, how to properly recycle it, and what regulations to keep in mind while setting up your own system.

Mad Mouse Creative - A Web Design and Marketing Company
5 Simple Steps to Start Achieving Your Goals | Blog Post

We've all been encouraged to "Dream Big" at some point in our lives. Goals are easy to dream up, but taking the steps to actually achieve one is the difficult part. All goals needs to be defined, planned, and followed up on.

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Where trends meet tastebuds

Looking for cake trends that will take your dessert to the next level? In the Man About Cake YouTube series, you’ll pick up tips on creating modern masterpieces. Every Tuesday, Craftsy instructor Joshua John Russell decorates an original cake, shares his favorite (free!) recipes and gives pointers for designing like a pro.

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The World's Oldest, Clearest Lake Freezes in Mesmerizing Patterns

Lake Baikal in Siberia is the oldest, deepest freshwater lake in the world-and offers a view like no other during the winter. Due to its oxygen-rich waters, incredible clarity and unique microclimate, the lake becomes an icy masterpiece when it freezes over. This year, photographer Kristin Makeeva t
This Artist Uses Candy, Cocoa & More to Create Amazing Art

Most artists use a favorite medium to bring their work to life, but UK-based artist Yaseen constantly pushes the boundaries of his art by using out-of-the-ordinary tools. From colored pencils and watercolors to licorice, coffee (and yes, vegetables!), Yaseen's work highlights how to create incredibl
Intricate Temari Balls Showcase Incredible Geometric Handiwork

An elaborate Japanese craft, temari balls are intricate needlework designs that display eye-catching patterns. Originally crafted from colorful silk kimonos, temari balls used stitching solely to hold the fabric together-until the handiwork transformed into an art form. As the tradition passed from one generation to the next, the stitching began to showcase brilliant geometric patterns and shapes.
These Whimsical Animal Watercolors Made Our Day

Combine a love of animals with a keen eye for detail, and you get the lively watercolor paintings of artist Sally Walsh. From inquisitive foxes to friendly birds, her work showcases a playful style that captures each animal's unique personality in a refreshing way.
Fall in Love with the Amazing Artistry of the World's Youngest Master Penman

Becoming a certified Master Penman is no easy work. To earn this prestigious title, an artist must prove an extensive knowledge and excellence in penmanship and the calligraphic arts. Although only 14 artists in the world hold this title, Jake Weidmann is the youngest-by three decades. His dedicatio

Craftsy Classes

Bake with Grandbaby Cakes - Craftsy

Create mini-desserts with huge appeal! The inspired baker behind Grandbaby Cakes shows you how. Make sweet, single-sized desserts with modern flair alongside baking sensation Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes. Jocelyn shares her recipes and Southern-inspired secrets to set you up for a baking breakthrough. See all lesson detail "Cannot thank you enough!

The buttercream flower tutorial that sets your cakes apart - Craftsy

Amaze your guests with intricate, elegant buttercream bouquets. Design jaw-dropping cakes with beautifully piped buttercream flowers. Award-winning cake designer Liz Shim shares her secrets to help you master a variety of delicate blooms and create a bouquet that's as appealing to the eye as it is to the taste buds.

The Craftsy Blog
Maple Glaze Recipe from Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes

Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes loves giving classic sweets a fresh flavor twist. Her latest spin? Turning a traditional cake glaze into a trendy savory/sweet topping. In the 1-minute video video below, she'll reveal the secret ingredient for a maple glaze recipe that will drive your tastebuds wild!

The Craftsy Blog
It's Our 5th Birthday! Help Us Celebrate with Gifts & Giveaways

To celebrate our fifth birthday, we're throwing a week-long party — and bringing presents for everyone! Join in on the fun by opening up today's surprise, a 31 class giveaway. Because our kind of party always has treats.

The Craftsy Blog
Cook With the Stars! Enter Our Culinary Class Giveaway-A-Day

We're kicking off our week-long Culinary All Stars giveaway, where you have the chance to win online classes with celebrity chefs such as Jacques Torres, Ellie Krieger and more. Read on for the delicious details. The first class you can enter to win is Mr. Chocolate's Ultimate Chocolate Cake with legendary chocolatier Jacques Torres.

The Craftsy Blog
Discover Today’s Culinary Treat with Chef Virginia Willis

Things are heating up as our week-long giveaway continues. Today, you have the chance to win a class with the star of Southern cooking, chef Virginia Willis. Chef Willis, instructor of Southern Classics at Home , is known for her traditional dishes that never skimp on flavor.

The Craftsy Blog
Get to Know Craftsy Instructor Ellie Krieger

We're going green for today's culinary class giveaway - with veggies that is! Take a look below for your chance to win a cooking lesson from an award-winning author and nutritionist. No matter the dish, Ellie Krieger believes flavor should come first.

The Craftsy Blog
Our Class Giveaway-A-Day Continues With Grandbaby Cakes

We hope you're in the mood for mini desserts that make a big impact, because today you can enter to win online baking lessons with Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes. Known for giving Southern-inspired desserts a modern twist, Jocelyn's class, Make Mine Mini: Baking With Grandbaby Cakes , is all about creating tempting cupcakes, lava cakes and cakelettes.


The Graphic
Kibo Group: Partnering with Communities

The Kibo Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of three summits sought after by climbers from around the world. It is not the highest point, but it is the most inclined to expericnce change impending possible volcanic eruption.

The Housing Guide
An Off-Campus Testimony

So you've survived the freshman dorms for the past year or two, but now you're beginning to wonder if the Pepperdine bubble is one you want to escape from time to time.

The Graphic
The Taboo in the Bedroom

The manner in which many first-year students are introduced to Pepperdine's sex policies and culture is as comical as it is ambiguous.

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