Katie Burrell

Copywriter/Blogger, Freelance

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I specialize in storytelling; from branded copy to stand up comedy.
Below are samples of website copy, content and blogs that I have produced for a range of clients.



Client: Live Out There
Outdoor Encyclopedia, Term Definitions

At LiveOutThere.com we stock all your favourite outdoor brands including North Face, Arc'teryx, Patagonia and many more. FREE Shipping within Canada.

Client: Teamsters Local Union 362
Teamsters 362 Mental Health Campaign Website Copy and Blog Content

On June 15, 2012, tragedy struck G4S. While performing a routine cash transfer at the University of Alberta's HUB Mall, Travis Baumgartner fatally shot three of his coworkers, Eddie Rejano, Brian Ilesic and Michelle Shegelski, a fourth, Matthew Schuman, rushed to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

Client: Teamsters Local Union 362
Teamsters 362 Website Copy and Blog Content

Your Teamsters organization does more than just represent you; it's also a key part of communities wherever members live, work and organize. Find out what we're doing in your area.

Client: Capow! Canadian Powder Guiding
Website Copy

Learn the ropes of going up, down, and across to the places you've never gone before. Navigate through complex glaciated terrain, learn movement in big mountains, rappel into a couloir; we've got a massive arena for learning and getting after it.

Explore BC
"Tales from Mount Revelstoke: The Journey to Jade Lake"

It's a toss up between the breathtaking views, the quaint cafes, the smiling people and the tight-knit community, but perhaps one of the most incredible things about Revelstoke is how quickly you can access the mountains.

Explore BC
"Why Visit Revelstoke During Winter?"

If you've never felt hugged as you pulled into a town, then you haven't been to Revelstoke. The surrounding mountains snuggle a tiny town that snow globes everywhere are modelled after: a train chugging, its steam puffing and swirling up past snow-dusted tree tops, bundled up families drinking steaming hot chocolate and skiers and snowboarders laughing their way down soft, pillowy slopes of fluffy snow.

Explore BC
"A #skiBC getaway in Whistler - Part One"

As we pulled into the grand entrance of the Westin Whistler Resort & Spa in my dusty and dented Dodge, Bruno slowly lowered the bag of chips and said, "they're going to ask us if we're lost." Perhaps the bellhop was humouring us, but he asked (bless him) with hand outstretched: "would we be needing valet parking?"

Stoke FM

The only reason Scott Duke ever owned a radio was because the only vehicle he could afford was a Ford Ranger (basic model). His musical background consists of playing the tenor saxophone in the high school band for three years and... nothing else.

Last Frontier Heliskiing News
The Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Your Heliski Vacation

From least to most important, this is the fool-proof preparation plan to ensure that you get the most out of your ski vacation with Last Frontier Heliskiing. 10. Book your trip and then duct tape your credit card and put it in the back of your freezer.

Last Frontier Heliskiing News
The Wild Within: British Columbia, Canada

The debate remains: can media capture and express what a first-hand experience is truly like? More so, can it send a person back to the way they felt when they were there? Can it move a person to explore a new place?

Last Frontier Heliskiing News
A Day in the Life of a Heli-Ski Pilot: Understanding Helicopter Safety

For a heli-skiing operation to run safely, there is one massive factor that has to be absolutely dialed: flying a helicopter. On top of that, heli-skiing pilots are required to do precision mountain flying in extreme winter conditions, which means that the pilots that fly the machines at our lodges have to be some of the most experienced pilots in the business.


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