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Inside The Luxury Restoration Of A $15 Million Brooklyn Brownstone

It's a homeowner's dream. Buy a broken-down mansion and lovingly restore it to its former glory. Jeanne and Joseph Accetta, who've renovated four Brooklyn brownstones and are selling a fifth, want you to know that gut renovations are a full-time job that require a substantial investment of time, money and hands-on effort.

Dating App Data Reveals What Successful Men And Women Really Want

It's common knowledge that dating apps are changing the way people meet up and form relationships. New data from The League, a selective dating app for highly-educated, successful professionals, offers a glimpse of what the elites in the dating pool look for in a partner, and how they go about pursuing them.

Here's Why The Drama Over Red Holiday Cups Is A Win For Starbucks

Starbucks traditional red holiday cups have frothed over with controversy for the past few days, after some Christians declared the design wasn't Christmassy enough. But the conflict cements the cultural relevance of the iconic red cups, and likely won't hurt Starbucks' brand in the long run.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post
'Humans Of Syria' Shows Us The Faces Behind The Headlines

As the public loses interest in Syria's civil war, a group of young photographers is aiming to humanize the conflict through a Facebook group inspired by Brandon Stanton's tremendously popular Humans Of New York blog. Humans of Syria, which launched March 14, documents the faces and stories behind the grim statistics that often make headlines.

The Huffington Post
We Asked A Pilot About The 'Terrifying' Landing Going Viral

Did you see this scary video of a plane landing in the teeth of a storm and vow to never fly again? Fear not. A pilot tells us the landing wasn't nearly as dangerous as it looks. The worst July storm of the century hit Amsterdam Airport Schipol hard this weekend.

The Huffington Post
Instant Pot Noodle Vending Machine Is A Drunken Dream Come True

An instant noodle vending machine has come to the U.K., and the good people of Nottingham are rejoicing. Behold the Pot Noodle contraption in all its glory. It's fully equipped with hot water and a fork, and will be dispensing the instant snack day or night. As you can see, it's not working yet.

The Huffington Post
Mesmerizingly Creepy Handprint Shows We're All Crawling With Bacteria

A microbiology technician stuck her son's hand in a petri dish, and reminded the Internet that we're all covered in germs. And that's not a bad thing. Tasha Sturm, a microbiology tech at Cabrillo College, told The Huffington Post that she had her 8-year-old son make a handprint in a petri dish filled with agar jelly.

The Huffington Post
You Shouldn't Panic About Those Fukushima 'Mutant Daisies'

A photo of deformed daisies reportedly found near Fukushima, Japan, has gone viral. But don't panic -- they almost definitely aren't radioactive mutants. The picture was taken in May, 70 miles from Fukushima, where a 2011 earthquake and tsunami caused the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

The Huffington Post
This Quadriplegic Artist Creates Impressive Portraits Of Athletes With His Mouth

Henry Fraser won't let quadriplegia suppress his creative spirit. He's gained social media fame by sketching and painting athletes, celebrities and Harry Potter using only his mouth. Six years ago, Fraser was an ordinary British teenager and had a pretty perfect life, according to his website. He was an athlete and a school prefect.

The Huffington Post
Skeptical Beekeeper Calls IndieGoGo Flow Hive 'Expensive Gimmick'

The Flow Hive recently set the Internet abuzz with its promise of simplifying the honey-harvesting process, but some experts are speaking out about the product, with one even calling it an "expensive gimmick." The product, which allows beekeepers to extract honey from a hive by turning on a tap, has so far raised more than $5.7 million on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo.


Crowdsourced Eco-Volunteers Team Up Online to Save Hawaii's Forests

A new digital initiative is harnessing the power of the crowd to track invasive species and preserve the delicate ecosystem of Hawaii's rainforests. The Nature Conservancy and DigitalGlobe launched the Hawaii Challenge Tuesday, in which volunteers on the Tomnod crowdsourcing platform comb through aerial imagery of 30,000 acres of forest on the island of Kauai.

My Friend the ISIS Captive

Seeing a beloved friend as an ISIS hostage jars the soul. I stared at my Twitter feed, trying to process that the man I once called a legend of emergency relief could appear in the now-familiar orange jumpsuit, with a black-clad executioner looming over him.

Astrophysicist Invents a $110 Earthquake Warning System

In the early hours of Aug. 24, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake jolted Californians awake in terror across the Bay Area. But one UC Berkeley professor received five seconds of warning from a $110 homemade device. Now, Josh Bloom has gone public with his invention to drive investment in a statewide early earthquake warning system.

What Is ZMapp, the Ebola Serum?

The media has been buzzing about ZMapp, widely reported as an experimental top-secret, untested Ebola serum. But what is it? A look into the treatment reveals the marvels of biotechnology - and its limitations. ZMapp is not a cure or a vaccine. It's a cocktail of genetically engineered antibodies that boosts a patients' ability to fight off Ebola.

Fifth day of protests against police brutality spread across the U.S.

UPDATED: 12:20 a.m. ET: The protests in Berkeley have moved onto a local highway (Highway 24), with hundreds of members of the protest group blocking the road in much the same as New York City protesters who shut down two of the city's major thoroughfares (FDR Drive and the West Side Highway) last week.

Water Flows Freely After Napa Earthquake [PHOTOS]

The Napa 6.0-magnitude earthquake has released tens of thousands of gallons of groundwater into the area's drought-dry creek beds. Locals are thrilled - but a geologist warns the babbling brooks could deplete scarce water supplies rather than add to them.

Officials Want Californians to Stop #DroughtShaming

Faced with one of the state's worst droughts on record, some Californians have taken extreme measures to force their neighbors to use less water: publicly shaming them on social media, using the hashtag #DroughtShaming. The trend does not have the backing of water authorities, however.

Martial Arts Journalism

Making Contact

The United Martial Arts Academy on Branch Avenue is decorated with Muhammad Ali posters. Signs proclaim that "a black belt is a white belt who never gave up." Sensei Tom Evans begins the kids' class with a series of bows, warm ups, and stretches.

Can you teach creativity?

At blur, we're obsessed with the nature of creativity. Recently we've been asking ourselves: Can you teach it? We're talking about creative problem solving here, rather than uncontrollable artistic urges. Too many people think creativity is a kind of magic that you're blessed with from birth. Actually, it's not the ...

Political scientist: Jewish vote not crucial

The Jewish vote "doesn't seem to matter" in determining the outcome of U.S. presidential elections, political scientist Bryan Daves argued Thursday evening. The Yeshiva University professor presented his study of election data to about 15 students and faculty at the Watson Institute for International Studies.

Bluestockings Magazine
Fight Like A Feminist, Sting Like a Bee

I do Taekwondo. It is a Korean martial art, closer to karate or kung fu than to Mixed Martial Arts or boxing. I'm on the Brown Taekwondo Team and we are the national champions at sparring. That means we go into the ring, bop around and try to kick our opponent in the head or...

Brown Daily Herald

What's Twappening?

At blur Group, social media is the sea in which we swim. We recruit creatives, engage with potential customers, promote our blogs, share interesting content and we've found that Twitter is the most effective platform to do all that, and more. Here're the tools, initiatives and people impacting Twitter today.

Marketing Copy

Revolutionary Design: Messages from Tahrir

Cairo's Tahrir Square is the focus of a new book of photography, Messages from Tahrir. It documents the signs carried by protestors in all their witty and reactionary glory, edited by the fabulously well-spoken Cairene Karima Khalil. I heard her talk about her book yesterday at Leighton House as part ...

Sola '14: Want a real international experience? Take time off

The process of finding your feet is simultaneously exhilarating and educational. You fully engage with the realities of your new country and make friends in a new language.The process of finding your feet is simultaneously exhilarating and educational. You fully engage with the realities of your new country and make friends in a new language.

Brand Gaga

Today, we're starting the week with a look at the brand of Lady Gaga. The artist has spiraled to success with her maddeningly catchy songs and extraordinary outfits. So what makes Brand Gaga so appealing? Gaga's certainly memorable. You probably remember the meat dress, the lobster hat and the shoes ...

Students working to bring clean water to India

Rainwater for Humanity, a collaboration between Brown and Rhode Island School of Design students, has developed a system for providing clean, drinkable water to people living in Kerala, India - but the project has met some cultural challenges. The residents of Achinakom, a village in the state of Kerala, do not have access to affordable drinking water.

Palestinian film festival opens with dance, violence

In one continuous shot, the camera follows a car painted with the Palestinian flag blaring Arabic songs down the main thoroughfare. As the camera passes through the local cafe, the cafe's owner pulls a child inside. She slams the door shut as military trucks and armed soldiers arrive, shots ringing out.

Grad brings medical savvy to Chilean rescue

The effort to rescue the trapped Chilean miners ended happily Oct. 13, and Brown graduate Benjamin Levine '78 helped save the day. Levine used his cardiovascular knowledge to help prevent the miners from fatally fainting as they were winched to the surface.

Pop icon speaks about gay Israeli experience

Correction appended. "When I'm performing, I love to see a gay couple, next to a straight couple, next to a religious couple - all experiencing the same energy," Ivri Lider told an audience of about 100 Israelis, students and community members at Brown/RISD Hillel last night.

Panelists debate gay marriage

"Separate is not equal." At the end of the Janus Forum's panel on gay marriage last night, Jesse McGleughlin '14 - the daughter of two lesbian mothers - stood up to argue for the right of gay couples to marry, brandishing the familiar phrase to the applause of the audience in MacMillan 117.

Shawki MA'77: Egypt's future 'a whole new world'

When Ahmed Shawki MA '77 took his 37-year-old nephew to a protest in Cairo at the onset of the Egyptian revolution, his sister chastised him for endangering her son. But following a battle between protestors and government forces for control of Tahrir Square, she began exhorting her son to put himself in the line of danger to bring medical supplies to wounded protestors.

Pakistani artist rocks Faunce

"That whisper in your heart has strength," Salman Ahmad told the audience in the Underground Friday evening. The Pakistani star of Sufi rock combined songs in Urdu and Punjabi with conversation about his experiences growing up in America and Pakistan in a presentation entitled "Rock and Roll Jihad."

Time Out Beirut

Princess Bee

Italian singer Princess Bee combines music with peace activism and humanitarian work. Her song 'Angels' was recognised by UNESCO for its strong message of cooperation. On top of that, she works closely with the A.N.G.E.L.S foundation dedicated to helping children, particularly those in Middle East, and sponsors Al Amal Orphanage in Gaza.

Interview: Mazen Hajjar

Last week Beirut witnessed the launch of the Lebanese Pale Ale, a brave and spicy beer from the Lebanese brewery 961. Founder Mazen Hajjar told us all about it. What is Lebanese Pale Ale? It's a celebration of typical Lebanese flavours. We use zaatar, sumac, mint, anise, sage and chamomile.

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