Kate Solomon

Freelance journalist

United Kingdom


London In Stereo

Japanese Breakfast

Try to decipher the hidden meaning behind Michelle Zauner's stage name and you will fail. "I just liked the way the words sounded together," she tells us on the phone from...

Other stuff

Somerset House / Birthdays


A club night of break-up bangers a friend and I devised, run, DJ, PR and do everything for, basically. We're regularly at Birthdays in Dalston, and have done two nights at...


Email newsletters and various film articles

I write the email newsletter copy for Vue cinemas, and the odd film-related article for their website.


Various branded content

I've written features, interviews and quizzes for the Telegraph's branded content arm, covering everything from iPhones and Adele to films and airmiles.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency

AMAs Bookmarked By Single 30-Somethings Who are Fine, Guys, They're Fine

I wrote this on the bus when I was drunk.