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Drowned In Sound

One Direction and Little Mix live

The best pop band in the UK played the Roundhouse in Camden on Tuesday night. They strode out confident and mature, banged out hit after heavy hit, danced, harmonised, bantered,...

London In Stereo

Various interviews and reviews

Interviews: SOAK, Alex G, Japanese Breakfast, Diet Cig || Album reviews: Pet Shop Boys, LUH, CHVRCHES, Wet, Lizzo, Big Ups, Alessia Cara, Tegan & Sara, DD Dumbo, Daniel Woolhouse

London In Stereo

Tegan and Sara - Love You To Death

Do you remember the spring of 2007, when we all got really into Wii Bowling? And then we figured out exactly how to twist the Wiimote in order to get a strike so we just kept...

Oh Comely

Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl

Slightly reachy contribution to Oh Comely's What We're Reading pages.

Drowned In Sound

ZAYN - MiNd oF MiNe

BeTtEr ThAn YoU rEmEmBeR iT bEiNg.


Rihanna - Anti

I thought it was a three star album at the time. I think it's a four now.

Drowned In Sound

Primavera Sound 2016

The roads leading up to the Parc El Forum in Barcelona are lined with men dangling cans from six-pack rings, asking wrist-band wearing passers by, 'Cerveza? Cervezabeer? Cerveza?'

the girls are

Bestival 2014

Bestival is a strange beast. With a line-up that lurches wildly from hardcore dance to woozy underground guitar-pop, it's not sure whether to be a Shoreditch dive bar, a hippy...



Methyl Ethel

Interview with hot young Australian things Methyl Ethel for BEAT magazine

Drowned In Sound

Carly Rae Jepsen

Depending on who you talk to, Carly Rae Jepsen is either a one hit wonder or the artist behind one of 2015's best albums. She's 'oh isn't she the one who did that song Call Me...


Naomie Harris

A chat about technology with the least techy Bond girl the world has ever seen.


Will.i.am talks tech

Black Eyed Pea Will.i.am might not be the first person who springs to mind when you think of computer processors, but that hasn't stopped him hooking up with Intel. As the...

Drowned In Sound

Ben Gibbard

"I've never heard of a band I know calling a meeting saying, 'You know what guys, we've really gotta get back to the way it used to be', you know?" Ben Gibbard is telling me...

London In Stereo

Alessia Cara

There are some elements of fame that every young popstar-in-waiting aspires to - magazine covers, stadium shows and verified ticks on Twitter - but when you've been welcomed to...

Drowned In Sound

The Magic, the Mundane and The Maccabees

The recording studios where your favourite albums are made are in the most ordinary places. You walk past them every day without realising it - in unassuming houses, on...

London In Stereo


"In about two hours I'm going to be really nervous," says Bridie Monds-Watson, otherwise known as SOAK. In about two hours she's going to be on set recording a few songs for...


Edgar Wright

Every so often, the internet takes a break from trolling tech sites and complaining about celebrities to create a beautiful mash-up of movie bits, be it a montage of brilliance,...

the girls are

The Raveonettes

If you ever want to hear a music critic operating at Peak Pretension, ask them what genre The Raveonettes fall into. The band has been associated with every hybrid imaginable,...

Drowned In Sound

Daphne and Celeste

Say the words "Ooh, stick you" to any British person between the ages of 20 and 40 and they will involuntarily complete the phrase: "Your momma too (and your daddy)!" Daphne and...