Kate Raftery

Copywriter, Editor and Content Producer

I am a writer and editor who has spent the past two years in the professional association world, promoting my organization to members and non-members, writing newsletters, editing publications and supporting the online work of my colleagues. I also have over five years of experience in the e-commerce and digital marketing space. Before that, I worked on the production side in print journalism.

Healthy curiosity drives me to sniff out the most engaging storytelling angle, particularly in the industries of legal management, hospitality, entertainment, health and beauty.


SEO- and Merchandising-Focused Content

Groupon Guide
What Qualifies LASIK's Ideal Candidates?

Done with your glasses and contact lenses? Find out what qualifies ideal LASIK candidates before you make an appointment with the eye doctor.

Sales and Small-Business Marketing

"Gaslight" (1944) Screening

The source of the modern term, this Oscar-winning psychological drama explores the menacing reason behind a woman's descent into madness

Shudder | Business Profile

Subscribers of this streaming service choose from a vast selection of horror films from around the world

Multimedia Work

Legal Management Talk Podcast
An Audio Overview of the 2018 Annual Conference & Expo

Wondering what you missed at ALA’s 2018 Annual Conference & Expo? This audio exploration will help you get a partial experience — from speakers like John Quiñones and Vernice Armour to valuable education sessions.

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