Kate Dlugosz

Writer, bēomōdor and beán sídhe

Location icon United States

Writing about folklore, nature, and femininity. Attended by honeybees and owls and blooms of mountain laurel.

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Issue the Third Ezine

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To Bloom

I ask the wildflowers in the meadow, Does it hurt to bloom? Pressing my ear to the soft petals and swaying grass, I listen to the stigmas, to the soft, lulling song of the ovule. The lilt of all life hums against my ear drum.

Two Poems by Kate Dlugosz

Cherry Pit My mouth is a bowl full of pitted cherries. My stomach the bucket for all the swallowed bloody pits. Every word tastes sweet and dark and tart on my tongue, rolling against my blushing cheeks. And when I smile, red love dribbles down my chin.

Yes, Poetry
Kate Dlugosz: The Recovery of Damsels

Kate Dlugosz is a recent graduate from Hiram College in Hiram College, Ohio, where she studied Creative Writing and History. Her work has appeared in literary journals such as Dear Damsels and Burning House Press. She currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. twitter.com/flower_faced

The Wolves Ripen: A Gothic Halloween Interview with Poet Kate Dlugosz

During my tenure as BHP's Guest Editor in March 2018, I was lucky enough to publish many gifted writers. One of these was Kate Dlugosz, whose mythic poetry stayed with me long after my editorship was over. Earlier this month I invited her back onto Burning House Press for a gothic Halloween special.

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