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Kate Bradford

Marketing and Communications Professional | Writer

Location icon Canada

With 10 years of experience writing for both print and online, I am a creative and hard-working writer and blogger with added experience in communications, marketing, brand management, and social media marketing. I have a proven track record of composing and creating compelling campaigns, stories, reviews, and targeted marketing pieces in a variety of industries including film, entertainment, travel & tourism, and technology.

Professionally Speaking Magazine
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Ad design, copywriting

Announced to clients, colleagues, partners, etc.
Merger Press Release

Announcement of CineSys-Oceana merger in 2012, distributed to approximately 6000 contacts, and all social media networks.

The Matinee
OUT OF MIND, OUT OF SIGHT plays Hot Docs 2014

Brockville Psych is a facility that houses the criminally insane, individuals who have committed violent crimes and have been found NCR, or Not Criminally Responsible. Director John Kastner delves into the lives of the colourful and tragic characters who occupy this secure facility, attempting to rebuild their lives and regain control of their severe mental illness.

The Matinee
"Are You Scared?" - Kate Bradford Interviews Barbara Kopple

When Barbara Kopple began shooting HARLAN COUNTY U.S.A. in the early 1970s, no one in America was very concerned with the controversy over striking coal miners that was sweeping through Kentucky and the American South. That would quickly change.

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