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The Government Must Stop Approving Oil And Gas Fields

The planned Jackdaw gas field must be stopped - but that is just one part of the essential action needed on climate change, says Kate Benson By Kate Benson The UK government has once again proved their priorities lie with corporations and the profit they make, rather than with people and our planet.

Word Tonic Copywriting Community prompt
Wingz Flying Bag - ad prompt

2 page advert for "a handbag with built-in wings that can LITERALLY 'fly' you to any shopping destination in the world"

Word Tonic Copywriting Community prompt
Word Tonic Instagram post challenge

Prompt: this month's copywriting challenge is to create a social post (can be a swipe post - up to 10 pages or less) on canva promoting word tonic to 'lurkers' on instagram. some of you used to be lurkers yourselves, so get creative.

Word Tonic Copywriting Community prompt
Barbie ad prompt

Prompt: The challenge is to write an ad promoting the new barbie movie that's coming out on july 21st. the only catch? you can't use the word 'barbie' at all. You have to promote the film by not using the word 'barbie' and using your creativity to get the point across

The Courier Online
Say 'Yes' to Outfit Repeating!

The stigma around re-wearing outfits is ever present; I still feel it, despite having worked to break it down in my head. My instant thought is that people are going judge me for wearing the same clothes as the week before.

The Courier Online
Running from rejection: how to overcome our fears

Rejection is scary. Or is it? I have realised that it does not have to be scary at all. Addressing my anxiety and reading content by Michelle Elman, Florence Given and many other amazing writers has helped me to realise my self-worth and learn about good communication.

Dental Extinction Rebellion - British Dental Journal

Sir, urgent action is needed to tackle the climate emergency, and I believe dentists need to be part of collective action to demand this. Following leaving dentistry to complete a Global Public Health MSc, I have been part of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement, attending the rebellion in London this April.