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Kate Ancell

Storyteller. Global Citizen. Corporate Scheherezade.

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Kate Ancell is an award-winning writer and marcomm expert. She is based in Chicago. Her specialties include B2B, CPG, QSR, financial services/wealth management/financial planning, higher education, bridal, beauty and wellness, fashion, food, travel, art and lifestyle. Her work has appeared in publications including Vogue, Tatler, Brides, SELF, Chicago Social, FOOD, Food Illustrated, People, Sheridan Road, Hallmark, Chicago Booth, SPACES, The Evening Standard, London Review of Books and The Kansas City Star.

Kate has an unusual ability to make seemingly complicated concepts accessible to the lay reader while maintaining subject integrity and never losing sight of the call to action. She believes that trying to sound smart rarely has the desired effect and that any topic, stripped of industry mystique, should be inherently simple to grasp.

Kate holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, where she studied under the Poet Laureate.


Marketing Communications

Chicago Booth Magazine
The Origin of the First Index Fund

When John Andrew “Mac” McQuown, a mechanical engineer with a degree from Northwestern, graduated in 1957, he did two things: he entered the Navy, and he invested in Texas Instruments, because of the company’s expertise in transistors. Even then, he was convinced of the important role computers and technology would play in the future of business. It didn’t take long for him to be proven right, either: in 1959, he sold his shares—which he had bought only two years earlier for $1,600—for more...

Grant Thornton
Sustainable growth | Grant Thornton

Consumers and corporate conscience demand sustainability like never before. So here's the reality: Companies that are not recognizing sustainability as a core growth strategy will soon be left behind by those that do.

Sustainable business strategy

Creating a sustainable business strategy is not just a good thing to do for the environment, the planet and the residents of it - it also makes good business sense.

Brand Building

Kellogg Northwestern
Kellogg Marketing & Communications | Brand Guidelines

Our narrative and identity system are the primary expressions of the distinctive Kellogg brand. These guidelines give you the information, tools and templates you need to bring the unique Kellogg experience to life consistently across all the ways you communicate.

Byline Bank
Leadership - Byline Bank

Leadership - Byline Bank Hey there. Just a friendly heads up that you're about to leave BylineBank.com. Hope to see you back here again soon. Meet the leaders helping us be the bank our customers deserve. At Byline, we believe that banking is about more than money. It's about people.

Curriculum - ISBM

At The Institute, we know that one size does not fit all. Which is why every curriculum we build is as unique as the member it's designed for. We work with you to deliver a collection of courses that will help drive your B2B business forward.

Royal Travel & Tours
The Process

When Larry and Kay Berke first opened the doors to Royal Travel & Tours in 1972, the world was a different place - no internet, no bucket websites, no European Union with just one currency! But they knew then what we still know today: our experts can bring any traveler the extras they just can't secure for themselves, as well as saving them endless hours searching for deals.

Beauty + Wellness

SPACES Magazine
Taking the Waters

Cool, clear water slakes our summer thirst, body and soul

SPACES Magazine
New Year, New You

Products, procedures and practitioners to make the best of you

Pain-Free Living Life
Arthritis and Depression: Get the Help You Need - Pain-Free Living Life

"It just seemed so pointless," recalls Helen, who has lived with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for decades. "I couldn't lift my arms above shoulder height, so it was easy to explain why I wasn't washing my hair. Then I developed nodules on my feet, so it was a simple matter to stop taking walks.

SPACES Magazine
Good Scents

It’s a powerful thing, scent. It can take you back, turn you on, turn you off, energize or calm you.

SPACES Magazine
Best Face Forward

It’s that time of year (again), when we roll in full of festive cheer and a devil-takethe-hindmost determination to make this season count, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead…and then.

House + Garden

Kansas City Spaces
The Secret Garden

When LesLee Huttie Smith and her husband, Pete Smith, moved into their current home on Westover Road, "the bones were beautiful," says Huttie Smith. "The house had a wonderful structure. The outside is still exactly the same now as it was then, but it needed updating to reflect our lifestyle."

SPACES Magazine
Mix Master

In a handsome Hyde Park mansion, David Jimenez juxtaposes graphic mid-century modern and stately antiques with sheer panache

SPACES Magazine
Not-So-Little House on the Prairie

This is a story, not so much of décor and furnishings and fabulous finishes—although certainly, they exist in this space—but of discovery. Of his-tory. Of a retreat—deliberate, planned, and executed with outstanding artistry—into a simpler, less-cluttered time.

Kansas City Spaces
A Home on a Hill

A few years ago, Dan Auman and Kirby McCullough decided it was time to downsize from their spacious Ward Parkway home-which, incidentally, was the very first home featured in the very first issue of this publication. Can you beat it?

SPACES Magazine
Kitchen Aids

We love our kitchens. It’s where everybody ends up at a really good party, and it’s the heart of our home.

Sheridan Road Magazine
Designs for Life

Take one of the North Shore's top designers, a fabulously chic boutique owner, and a home in need of decorating, and the results are outstanding. Kate Ancell takes you inside one of Winnetka's most beautiful homes.

SPACES Magazine
Garden Variety

with silver bells and cockle shells—and a few other things. that’s how our garden grows

Fashion + Lifestyle

CS Interiors
The Graduate

Once the Holly Hunt director of design, Debra Weninger moves on to the next level—and makes a serious splash

Summer at the Lake

Long to gather with all your relatives this summer? Take a lesson from the Nickoley clan, who’ve spent 25 summers perfecting the art of the happy family vacation.

Sheridan Road Magazine
SR at Home...Dinner Party 101

As summer winds down and the thick white envelopes begin to mount up in the mailbox, our etiquette expert, Kate Ancell, brings you a review of good, old-fashioned Manners for the Modern Day.

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