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Kasey Furutani

Freelance Writer

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Hello you kind human, thank you for visiting my portfolio! I am a freelance writer currently based in Tokyo. My interests include: travel, food and drink (especially of the brewed variety), Japanese translated literature and the Japanese diaspora.

My Japan based articles have appeared on NaviTime Travel, the Japanese National Tourism Organization website and Open Rice, Hong Kong's premiere restaurant review application.

I also write fiction and the occasional humor piece. I am interested in research and feature length articles. I always love to look into past and see how eerily similar it is to the present day.

Museums in Japan: Six of the Best

Japan, with its world-renowned architecture and design, is well known for its appreciation of art. Some of the best museums in the world are in Japan, featuring both domestic and foreign artists. The close vicinity to nature creates a new experience for museum goers as they take in the culture.

What to Do in Sangenjaya

Located southwest of Shibuya and north of the Tama river, Sangenjaya is a quiet neighborhood just off the Setagaya light rail line's terminal stop. The town is filled with an eclectic crowd, from trendy young folks to elderly locals to fans of the video game Persona Five.

The Ad Museum Tokyo

Advertisements can be found everywhere in Tokyo, from billboards towering over Shibuya to rolling train ads playing on repeat. Of course, advertisements are used to sell, but not many know the psychological effects or history behind them. Visitors can learn about the world of commercials at the Advertising Museum in Shimbashi.

Sacramento Press
Farm to Glass: Legends of Wine Recap - Sacramento Press

Farm to fork means so much more than just food! One of Farm to Fork month's major annual events, Legends of Wine, was another stellar event starring local wines. Guests gathered on Friday under one of the last summer sunsets on to sip quality wine and munch on paired specialty snacks.

Sacramento Press
Sac-Born RIRE Boutique Expands Beyond Midtown - Sacramento Press

In 2012, Sacramento's RIRE Boutique established itself with its first pop-up location in East Sacramento. Since then, the contemporary clothing boutique has witnessed a growth in popularity, respectively allowing its expansion into a more permanent location in Midtown and a even further expansion into Davis in 2015 and Oak Park this last summer.

Sacramento Press
Quick Detour - Sacramento Press

Kasey Furutani Originally from the Los Angeles area, Kasey is a graduate from UC Davis and is interested in discovering new and unique businesses, foods and places around the world. In her spare time, she shoots film photography, cooks vegetarian food and pets cats.

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