Karolyn Kokko Lehn

Freelance Writer

Location icon U.S.A

I have done freelance copywriting, copyediting, and blogging for the last five years. When not writing, I enjoy working with people at a community college where I advise students who are interested in health careers as well as do personal counseling. After living on the western side of the country I currently love and live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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How To Return to Running after Injury - HB News Network

Having to stay off your feet because of a running injury can be extremely frustrating. Trying to get back into the running game and return to running is often difficult as well. Many of us have expectations for ourselves and our athletic state that are unrealistic.

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Moving Beyond a Relationship Betrayal - HB News Network

The feeling of being in love definitely makes the world a brighter, happier place. When in love, we tend to walk with a spring in our step. The birds are cheerily chirping all around us (even if it's just in our head). We feel happy when in a trusted, committed relationship.

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The Dangers of High Heels That You Should Know - HB News Network

Many women admire heels because they are fashionable. However, they're certainly not comfortable. You hear women say how these take them to new heights yet can't go the distance in them. These are high heels. These shoes have made their appearance in the circles of style since WWII.

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The Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup - HB News Network

It's a daily process that never ends. Getting ready in the morning always seems to take more time than we'd like. Shortening the routine or simplifying the process may be an option, but it's still a task that needs to get done. In hopes of making this routine easier, many are looking into permanent makeup.

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Discovering Your True Colors - Quiz - HB News Network

We have all heard that no matter how hard we try, our true colors are going to show. But what if a true color was based on an actual color? While most of us may have a favorite color, each of us has a dominant true color as well.

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Demystifying The Practice Of Acupuncture

When faced with physical pain or discomfort some will seek out the advice of their family physician. Others visit a physical therapist in hopes of finding exercises and stretches that will strengthen problem areas of the body. And still, others search for a skilled massage therapist to help alleviate the pain.