Karlee Prazak

writer | designer | social | visual

Well, hello! I'm excited you want to learn more about me ... To start, I am a Southern California-native, the youngest child in a family of four, and in recent years, an avid adventurer. I grew up pushing the limits of both land and water trading off time between surfing and playing volleyball (a 10-year passion project that consumed mine and my awesome parent's early 2000s). This passion for challenging myself influenced me to pursue a journalism degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which was close to home but far enough away for me to get outside my comfort zone. The active SLO community proved to be the best place to get a degree and also fall in love with new activities—backpacking, camping, hiking, climbing, running and biking.

After college, I moved back to Southern California, moved in with some amazing friends, and sought out to conquer the publishing industry. I found myself writing—and actually being paid for it!—designing and loving working for a small publishing company. I moved on to try my hand in social media, while maintaining status as a freelancer, but the fit wasn't right. Then, I got the opportunity to switch to public relations working for GoPro, and I haven't looked back since.

United States of America


Montage Magazine

Spice of Life

I executed the lead imagery, directed all photography and designed the layout.

Montage Magazine

The Vinyl Revival

I designed the layout, including the graphic timeline on the second spread.



Mustang Daily

Cal Poly Cribs

Mustang Daily

Surfboard Shaping