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K. Johnson

Writer, music lover, joyful person

The Pacific Northwest Inlander
Young Stars

Elderstaar will play at the newly-opened Big Dipper

The Local Planet
The pros of Con

Mountain Con take over Boomerangs

The Pacific Northwest Inlander
Rockabilly Rebel

Jim Heath of the Reverend Horton Heat

The Local Planet
The return of the Gorge season

This summer 18 major shows descend on the Gorge at George - everything from Depeche Mode (shown) to Dave Matthews Band

Center for Justice
Spokane River Documentary

"An absolutely stunning piece combining a well-written narrative, rare historical audio, video clips and photos, and a concise and comprehensive storyline."

See you in Summer 2019!

The 2018 Washington wildfire season is behind us, and we couldn't be happier to see it end! As much as we wish to never have another wildfire season, we're prepared to return to this blog around July 2019 with smoke information, current conditions, forecasts, health tips, and more.

Bungalow Happiness: Clueless homeowners and an old house
Paper towels and caulk

Here's something you may not know (but probably do)...

Bungalow Happiness: Clueless homeowners and an old house
Eight-legged freaks!

Groucho VanHalen: the last thing a spider sees.