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Top 10 'Game of Thrones' Hunks

The excitement throughout the realm is palpable: HBO’s pop-culture phenomenon ‘Game of Thrones‘ returns with its fourth season on April 6. We love absolutely everything about the series based on George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ — especially the hot guys! It would take a Dothraki horde to keep us from tuning in next Sunday to drool over all the handsome men in Westeros and beyond. It wasn’t easy deciding which characters would make our list of Top 10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Hunks,...

Emma Watson Starring as Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast' Movie

Emma Watson is signing up for signing lessons: The English actress will star as Belle in the upcoming live-action, big-screen version of Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast.' The 24-year-old former ' Harry Potter' star shared the news earlier today (Jan. 26) on her official Facebook page.

2014 Oscar Winners Predictions

Some stars are fond of reminding the public that art is not a competition - and, yet, it totally is! Especially during the grueling winter months awards season, with the Oscars being the big daddy of them all.

Best Oscar Speeches That Will Make You Cry (In a Good Way)

Get the Kleenex ready! Academy Awards acceptance speeches can be as varied as the people saying them, but the 10 below have all been chosen to garner the same reaction: bring you to the brink of tears! Some of these video clips will make you cry because they're genuinely sad, and others because they're as heartwarming as Hollywood gets.

5 Ways 'Mad Men' Made Us Happy This Season

If the spoilers and season-long portents are true, "Mad Men" is going to deliver us a tragic blow in its season four finale Sunday night, in the form of a

50 Crazy/Sexy/Cool Johnny Depp Gifs

Happy 50th birthday to Johnny Depp! We're celebrating the crazy/sexy/cool actor's big day on June 9 with 50 animated gifs

13 Strange 'Twilight' Baby Products

More evidence that babies -- and crazed Twihards -- shouldn't make babies. Because they sure make some freaky things inspired

Viva Ann-Margret!

What's the big deal about Ann-Margret, who's turning 70 today? Watch these clips and find out what had Elvis himself all shook up

The Cable Guide
The Family Hour

Lorraine Bracco shrinks the mob as a gangster's therapist in 'The Sopranos'

The Cable Guide
Myth-Defying Truths

Kevin Sorbo's Herculean tales journey from the myth but show the strength of character

This Guy's a Scream

Jerry O'Connell doesn't scare easily. The man who tasted live cockroaches in "Joe's Apartment" and dared to betray Tom Cruise in


Bono Might Never Play Guitar Again Because of Accident Injuries

Bono's bike accident not only sidelined the U2 frontman for several months, it could prevent him from ever playing guitar again. The rocker revealed the devastating news in a New Year's Day blog post to fans on the band's website. Recovery from the Central Park incident last November "has been more difficult than I thought," he states.

20 Best '80s Songs

When you think of the best '80s songs, do you automatically flash to synthesizers, asymmetrical haircuts, the safety dance and sunglasses at night? Well, you’re not wrong, but it should also make you think of much, much more.

RockDaily Classic
Alice Cooper's 'Spider' Sense

Alice Cooper needs a psychiatrist. No, not to banish the various dead babies, necrophiliacs and decapitated demons that have haunted his body of work

17 Great Lady Gaga Pumpkins

Every day is Halloween for Lady Gaga, so why not make the holiday -- or at least a few pumpkins -- about her?!?

Ramones Graffiti Rocks

We've hit another (much happier) Ramones milestone, hot on the heels of the 10th anniversary of Joey Ramone's death last month

RockDaily Classic
Deep Purple: Highway Stars

It's a testament to the enduring worldwide popularity of Deep Purple that it's taken them nearly two years to get to North America to promote

The Cable Guide
Back in Black

Legendary voice Johnny Cash gets feted by music's top names -- including daughter Rosanne

The Cable Guide
Meet Mr. Loaf

A brilliant career, a thrilling comeback, life on easy street -- two out of three ain't bad for Meat Loaf


Top 50 Hottest World Cup Players (All-Nations Edition)

Consider this Top 50 Hottest World Cup Players list your ultimate guide to the sexiest guys of Brazil 2014. We make that claim with real authority, because we just spent countless hours poring over photos of each and every one of the tournament's 736 players.

12 Crazy Things That Siri Says

New iPhone 4S users: This may be why you're having trouble connecting to the network -- people overusing their new devices' most intriguing feature

Latte Art of the Damned

Usually the scariest thing about coffee is not getting enough of it! But it's clear that trouble's brewing in these scary cups of joe

Wonder Woman Done Wrong

No, no, you're all doing it wrong! The revamped Woman Woman isn't getting a lot of love on the Internetz, but the old gal has long been disrespected

Top 10 Hottest Football Players 2013

Thirty-two teams, 53-player rosters each. Take it from us: There's a lot of M-A-N in the NFL. We know, 'cause we looked at them all to produce this list of the National Football League's 10 hottest players 2013! We take our research a little too seriously and are crazy picky about our picks.