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I’m a writer based in NYC with an unhealthy obsession with anything having to do with media and politics.

I have a masters degree in Media Studies from The New School University and spent five years living in Rome, Italy, where I fell in love with their prosciutto, their parliamentary system, and their prime time television.

I’m available for freelance reporting or consultation on any of these topics.



10,000 Words
Boston Review Launches New Site

The Boston Review launched their new website today, and whether you’re a dedicated reader or not, it’s worth a peek.

10,000 Words
3 Ways to Up Your Reader Engagement

We all have social media and digital best practices coming out of ears. But after thinking about how big media companies make their dough, I realized that, although there aren’t always the resources and staff and innovation teams at smaller papers, there are some simple, almost silly, tips smaller papers can take from the behemoths in terms of reader engagement.

10,000 Words
What You Can Learn From Profitable New Media Companies

It ain’t easy being in the media business these days, or so they say. There are in fact lots of people allegedly, or actually, raking in digital dollars, according to this article from Fortune.

10,000 Words
The Old Grey Lady: The Times Needs to Get Over ‘Snow Fall’

Like most people, I have a fear of getting really old. You know how sometimes you see an old, grey lady in the supermarket grumbling about the price of milk and scowling at the clerk who tries to help her? I don’t want to be her one day.

10,000 Words
Enhanced News: When Does Photo Editing Go Too Far?

A week ago, the World Press Photo of the year award went to a digitally enhanced photo taken by Paul Hansen. It’s a really compelling photo, one that SpeigelOnline writers Matthias Krug and Stefan Niggemeier write “conveys a beauty that seems almost innappropriate.”

TV Recaps

Love (to hate) Girls

You want to know why we hate Girls? And not Louis CK’s sloppy backside? I’ll tell you why.

The Huffington Post
Games Without Frontiers

The only comforting aspect of the season finale of "The Americans" was that it's already been picked up for a second season and won't go the way of, say, "Rubicon," leaving us with plot theories and fully fleshed-out characters and no ending to the madness.

The Huffington Post
Talking The Talk

I would like to take a moment and apologize for anything snarky I've said about slow plots and poor writing and lack of suspense and surprise. Lies, lies, and more confessions are to come, guys.

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