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Kareeda Kabir

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Espresso enthusiast, linguist, writer. Social commentary through my lens. Find me @HuffPost, @womensmediacntr, @TeenVogue, @medium.
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Teen Vogue
Climate Change in Bangladesh Puts Girls and Women at Great Risk

When people think about the impact of climate change, many consider the physical damage: homes destroyed, communities forced to start over, maybe even a number of bodies discovered after an intense weather event. But sometimes forgotten are the social consequences the physical destruction leaves in its wake.

Lawfare Blog
Focusing on Privacy Won’t Solve Facebook’s Problems

Facebook’s shift toward privacy indicates that the company is taking its security issues seriously and recognizes that a new approach is needed in order for users to regain trust in the platform. Still, the solutions Facebook proposes—emphasizing encrypted messages and Facebook groups—do not sufficiently address the challenge of pervasive misinformation on the platform.

An Open Letter to Silicon Valley Parents - Kareeda Kabir - Medium

Dear Silicon Valley Parents, There's an overwhelming amount of opportunities to take advantage of in the Silicon Valley. I doubt there's a part of the world that's somewhat developed that hasn't heard of Apple or Facebook or any of the other tech giants in our backyard, or that wouldn't want to have half of the opportunities we do.

Why Bangladesh Should Be at the Forefront of Climate Change Discussions

According to the most recent Global Climate Risk Index (created by Germanwatch), Bangladesh is ranked #6 in terms of countries most affected by climate change from the 1990s through 2015. Overall, Bangladesh was ranked #35 in the list of countries affected by climate change in 2015.

The History Behind International Mother Language Day

February 21 has been International Mother Language Day since the United Nations declared it in 2000. The UN International Mother Language Day website says that the theme for 2017's International Mother Language Day is: To foster sustainable development, learners must have access to education in their mother tongue and in other languages.

Women's Media Center
Being a South Asian Feminist

I proudly identify as a Bengali American feminist. My parents, who were born and raised in Bangladesh before they came to the U.S. at a rather young age, support my identity. They believe that I can choose who I want to marry, that my education is infinitely more important than anything else, and that my future will hold more than cooking, cleaning, and caring for children.

A Forgotten Genocide: Bangladesh, 1971

In between March 25, 1971 and December 16, 1971-almost 9 months-approximately three million Bangladeshis were killed, 200,000 Bangladeshi women were raped, and millions of Bangladeshis were forced to flee. This 9-month period was the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide, the sixth worst genocide of the 20th century, and possibly the most forgotten.

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