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Kane Gagen-Parry

Owner, Writer at PowerThorn; Staff Writer at The Metal Observer

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If a fresh, confident, and entertaining writer is what you're looking for, Kane Gagen-Parry is your man. He's passionate, self-driven, and always up for new things. In an effort to combine two of his biggest passions (heavy metal and writing), he started a heavy metal news/review site, PowerThorn.com, in early January. Not even a day after launch, Kane was scouted by one of the world's longest-running metal webzines: The Metal Observer. Between writing daily articles for both websites and working his day job, Kane spends his time working out, watching movies, listening to even more music, and adventuring with his loyal canine companion, Thorin.

Interview With Elvenking's Aydan

" When you think about folk metal nowadays you maybe think of different stuff. . . Bands like Korpiklaani or Ensiferum, which are more on the extreme side. I think we are still something a little bit different. " Folk metal icons Elvenking were instrumental in the creation of the folk metal scene.

DragonForce - Extreme Power Metal Artwork Review

Out of my immense excitement upon first seeing it, I've decided to do something a bit different; I'll review the artwork of an album. Why, you may ask? Because this just might be the single greatest image to ever grace the metal world.

Equilibrium - Renegades Review

Imagine yourself in a simpler time. A time, perhaps, where you're me. June is almost over, and one of your favourite folk metal bands, Equilibrium, just released a new single to their upcoming album. 'Renegades - A Lost Generation' is super poppy, sure, but its sick riffage combined with its heavy electronic booming is enough to get me excited.

Top Seven Pump Up Albums

My favourite kind of metal is the blood-boiling, heart-burning, testosterone-fueling power metal that makes you want to ride into battle on a majestic, translucent steed into the Mists of Avalon. I listen to it when I'm working out, when I'm getting ready for something, when I'm doing nothing, when I'm driving, and pretty much everything in between.

Interview With HammerFall's Oscar Dronjak

"[I]t's gonna be a really fun tour. . . If you like modern heavy metal music I think you can't get much better than these two bands together." Oscar Dronjak, founder and guitarist of the legendary Hammerfall, was kind enough to invite me into his mind to discuss his feelings on Dominion, Canada, and, of course, beer.

Noveria - Aequilibrium Review

Rising above the ocean of Italian progressive power metal are Noveria in their third full-length, Aequilibrium. Where other bands shy away with uninspired riffs and lazy songwriting, Noveria unleash hell with their strongest, heaviest foot forward. The grooves? Vigourous. The riffs? Insane. The solos? Ho. Ly. Fuck.

The Metal Observer
Dream Theater - Distance Over Time Review - The Metal Observer

Dream Theater is back with a bang in their fourteenth full-length release, Distance over Time. This is easily their best album since the near-masterpiece of Black Clouds & Silver Linings back in 2009. While it doesn't break a whole lot of new ground, there's nothing within it that's distractingly derivative and it's not overly predictable.

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