Kaitlyn Petry

Professional Writer & Communicator


Public Relations Diploma, Dean's List

Bachelor of Applied Communications and Professional Writing, MacEwan University


Online Advertising/Social Campaigns

Social Media
Online Ad Campaign

Ongoing online ads campaign for local dentist wanting to 'own' the downtown dentist label.


Mowbrey Gil LLP
Three Inspiring Ways Supporting Charity Can Help Your Business | Mowbrey Gil LLP

Three Inspiring Ways Supporting Charity Can Help Your Business It used to be that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was something large corporations could do to give back, a bit of an afterthought, but a nice thing to do. Those days are past, however, with younger generations prioritizing the social good of the businesses they frequent.

Flagstaff Crafted
Social Media Marketing for the Holidays

Mmm. Smell the turning foliage and late-summer rain? Fall is in the air, and with it we welcome pumpkin spice everything, sunflowers, cozy sweaters, and two of our favourite holidays, Thanksgiving (ready for that turkey?!) and Halloween. You celebrate the holidays, so your business should too!

Web Copy

The Clog

It comes at night, when the children are asleep and the house is quiet. The full moon gleams through the window, and the dog stirs at the foot of the bed as its master rises. The woman makes her way down the hall, yelping when she steps on a piece of Lego.


Print and digital
Gift Guide

An award winning print piece (IABC Capital Awards 2021) incorporating the stories of local makers along with their wares.

Video Script