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Tourists Are Surfing North Korea-But at What Cost?

On a warm summer day in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the totalitarian dictatorship better known as North Korea, turquoise water rolls lazily toward a pristine beach, where surfers are suiting up. A mix of locals and foreigners, they splash into the empty sets and laugh as they carve waves that may never have been surfed before.

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Can a Movie Save This Environmental Paradise?

If passed, the legislation could serve as a model for the rest of Indonesia and the world. To this end, Heinrichs and Weller wrapped up the tour with a screening at the Our Oceans conference in Bali on October 29 and 30, where government officials, scientists, and leaders in the environmental sector from around the world were in attendance.

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This Patch of Water in New Zealand Can Predict Droughts in Utah

A new study in the journal Nature Communications looked at 66 years of worldwide sea-surface temperature data and atmospheric pressure and found an interhemispheric "bridge" that links warmer waters in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with drier winters in parts of the Southwest.

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Our National Parks Are in Grave Danger

What is Joshua Tree National Park without Joshua trees or Glacier National Park without glaciers? These are realities we might have to face within this century, according to a new study that shows how our national parks are disproportionately susceptible to climate change. The paper, which analyzed data from 1895 to 2010, cites some startling statistics.

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Climbers Have Finally Conquered Latok's North Ridge

Update, 8/14: A representative from Mountain Equipment, one of Tom Livingstone's sponsors, told Outside that while they're still waiting for details on the exact route the climbers took, it appears the team did not in fact do an integral ascent of the North Ridge.

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More Than 3,000 People Cheated at the Mexico City Marathon

Over 3,000 people were disqualified from the Mexico City Marathon last week for allegedly cutting the course. Unlike other major races, however, competitors weren't tempted by better times, but Facebook likes and a commemorative medal. Each year since 2013, marathon finishers have received a medal shaped like one of the letters in "Mexico."

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Ditch Your Sleeping Bag for a Quilt

I was a complete backpacking newbie when I decided to head off to explore New Zealand's backcountry. Owning zero gear beyond some secondhand boots and a beat-up pack, I called a college friend and ultralight pro for some help. Her number one recommendation was the minimalist Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt ($270).

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What Shark Experts Really Think About Shark Week

Discovery Channel's Shark Week kicked off July 22 for the 30th summer in a row. While millions of Americans are reliably entertained by the documentaries and celebrity specials, marine biologists will often spend the week on social media, freaking out about distortions and myths put forth by Shark Week programming.

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Missing American Hiker Found Dead in Mexico

More than three weeks after Patrick Braxton-Andrew was last seen alive, his body has been found in northern Mexico. On November 15, Javier Corral, the governor of Chihuahua, reported on his Facebook page that the 34-year-old Braxton-Andrew was killed by a drug dealer named José Noriel Portilo Gil, in the tiny city of Urique, in Chihuahua.

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When You're Diving for Sharks but Get Bitten by a Crocodile

As part of her work as a shark scientist and wildlife educator, Melissa Cristina Márquez looks at how predators are portrayed in the media-for example, when they bite someone. While filming Cuba's Secret Shark Lair, which premiered on Discovery Channel's Shark Week on July 23, she became a firsthand witness to that research when a crocodile clamped down on her leg.

The 10 Best Colorado Hot Sauces

Here are the winners. | It seems like all it takes to start a hot sauce business is a bag of chiles and a blender, and Coloradans are catching on: At press time, we counted more than 40 local companies that make the stuff, and most sell several iterations.

Burns and McCoy's Fiery Sauce Is Representing Colorado on Hot Ones

The Fort Collins company is the first Colorado brand to be chosen for the hit YouTube series. | For Coloradans who haven't already caught on to ( First We Feast's hit YouTube interview series in which A-list celebrities are tortured with chicken wings slathered in fiery sauces), now's the time.

3 Unconventional Ways You Could Be Exploring Colorado | 5280

Replace your tried-and-true hikes and mountain bike excursions with jaunts by motorcycle, balloon, and rope. | We'd wager that you've hiked, biked, and skied to your nature-loving heart's content in the Centennial State. If so, consider a more unconventional approach to adventure tourism this season via one of these quirky Colorado excursions.

This History-Themed Party Attracts More Than One Thousand People | 5280

And they all wear period dress, just like the trappers and traders of the 1800s. | In the early 1800s, before miners pickaxed their ways to fortune in the Rockies, trappers came in search of a different treasure: beaver pelts, which were used to make fashionable hats.

New Series Puts Colorado Women in the Spotlight

From audiologists to aviators, the new Rocky Mountain PBS series, Great Colorado Women, shows viewers what women are capable of. | The mother of pediatric audiology. A developer responsible for building a modern Denver. A former Miss America-turned-activist for sexual assault survivors-all these exceptional women hail from the Centennial State, but you probably don't know their stories.

How To Pair Beer and Food Like A Pro

Beer tastes great with so much more than burgers and pizza. Print out our handy guide for matching bites and brews. | Pairing food with just the right wine has long been a staple element of fancy dinner parties and meals at high-end restaurants. But suds lovers deserve similar consideration, don't they?

Don't Miss: Truck Stop Food Truck Rally Series In Five Points

On June 2, this roving food truck rally series lands in Five Points for the first of its summer block parties. | Who doesn't love a block party? Denverites certainly do, and this year, there are community-oriented block parties coming to a neighborhood near you-with a modern, Mile High twist, of course.

A Sneak Peek of Intrepid Sojourner's New Bottle Releases

The inventive brewery is celebrating its one year anniversary with five exciting new bottle releases. | If you've ever dreamt of traveling the world but are coming up a bit short on plane fare and vacation days, look no further than the Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project' s tap room.

Meet the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees

An astronaut, nonprofit leaders, and a former Lieutenant General are included in a new class of trailblazing Colorado women to be honored for their extraordinary achievements. | The Colorado Women's Hall of Fame (CWHF) will cap off Women's History Month by inducting 10 new faces during a gala on March 28.

Meet Cezary Grosfeld, aka Colorado's Pierogi King

Pierogies Factory owner Cezary Grosfeld wants to turn his local business into a national empire. | Cezary Grosfeld 's pierogi recipe may come from his grandmother's kitchen in Poland, but the inspiration for his business came from the frozen food section at Target.

Don't Miss: The Colorado Culinary Challenge, a James Beard Benefit

Five of Denver's best chefs are cooking at this James Beard Foundation benefit on Saturday, June 2, and you get to be the judge. | In his lifetime, cookbook author James Beard taught and mentored a whole generation of professional chefs in the art of American cuisine.

Access Gallery Helps Disabled Artists Succeed | 5280

Access Gallery provides both mentorship and a venue for artists to sell their wares. | As of January, only 20 percent of Americans with intellectual or physical disabilities were employed. Access Gallery, in the Art District on Santa Fe, is trying to improve that statistic: Since 1978, the nonprofit has offered training, mentorship, and display space to disabled artists.

Pho Kitchen Bar & Grill Brings the Real Deal to Boulder

The flavors of Vietnam come alive in this new spot's long-simmered soups. | It wasn't the promise of a tasty meal that drew me into Pho Kitchen Bar & Grill on a recent Saturday afternoon. Rather, it was the grand opening banner above the entrance that promised 20 percent off and the audible growls from my stomach after a six-hour hike.

The Golden Triangle Will Get A New Food Hall This Summer

A team of food hall pros are turning the former Tony's Market on Broadway into a bustling, multi-vendor destination. | Denver's burgeoning food hall scene will gain another fresh addition this summer with the opening of Broadway Market. The 15,000-square-foot space-the brainchild of Eclectic Collective, a development team of seasoned food hall pros-will house around eight (still TBD) distinct food concepts.

This Colorado Couple Wants to Save Beer from Climate Change

With their Save the Beer tour, Dan and Virginia Carreno add a suds-y twist to their mission of combating climate change. | Most folks know that climate change incites rising sea levels and extreme weather events, but there are other, less obvious effects, ahem, brewing as well.

Karen News
In Thai Border Camps, Funding Cuts Leave Refugees in Limbo

Refugees from Burma are finding it difficult to stay, difficult to go home. In Thailand, funding cuts to refugee camps have left over 100,000 displaced people from Burma to choose between trying to survive in deteriorating conditions and returning to a country not ready to receive them.

Karen News
Mae Tao Clinic Facing Funding Shortages as Border Aid Dries Up

Dr. Cynthia's Mae Tao Clinic is struggling to keep helping patients as donors to the Thai-Burma border stop funding. Mae Tao Clinic is appealing for help as funding cuts from donors are impacting their operations. The Clinic provides free healthcare to the displaced and vulnerable people of Burma, including refugees and migrants along the Thai-Burma border.

Verge Magazine
Protecting the Forest By Burning it Down

"Can you see the difference?" asks Mu Ohn, jolting the motorbike to a stop in the middle of the dirt path. I follow his outstretched arms to the steep banks on either side of the road, which serves as a boundary between two villages.

Verge Magazine
"Ya Ba Deh": Finding Balance in a New Burma

The first time I heard the words ya ba deh was in the back of a taxi, weaving through the congested streets of Yangon. "I'm going to teach you your first Burmese phrase," Ashin Endaka, my monk friend and cultural guide said, twisting around in his seat to offer a reassuring smile.

Showering With a Friend in Burma

Of all the women who greeted me, Ma Kyu was the only one who didn't smile. Instead, she stood with her hands on her hips, eyes flickering with subtle disapproval. Almost as if to say, "I've got a lot of work to do."

Verge Magazine
Indonesia's New Marine Ambassadors

The twisting, swirling mass of barracuda could only be described as a tornado. The students remained motionless, eyes glued to the spectacle before them. In my hundreds of dives, I had never seen anything like it, and I was sure the students hadn't, either-only moments earlier, they had taken their first breaths underwater.

In Thai Border Camps, Funding Cuts Leave Refugees in Limbo " Karen News

Refugees from Burma are finding it difficult to stay, difficult to go home. In Thailand, funding cuts to refugee camps have left over 100,000 displaced people from Burma to choose between trying to survive in deteriorating conditions and returning to a country not ready to receive them.

New Zealand from Top to Bottom - SEVENSEAS Media

By Kaelyn Lynch Editor's note: We absolutely loved this story and all the photos we had to choose from but the imagery was so breathtaking we had to include the full set -SO- images may not correspond exactly with their surrounding text. In any case, enjoy!

Diving the Poor Knights Islands

The first thing I wondered about the Poor Knights Islands, as I stared at their amorphous shape 23 kilometers off the Tutukaka coast, is how they got their name. As it turns out, there's no clear answer.


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