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Deconstructing a Brand: Boston Red Sox - Sixth Gear LLC

Baseball. The great American sport. If you grew up in New England, like the Sixth Gear team, then you know your love of baseball came from the love of a particular team, the Boston Red Sox. However, New England isn't the only part of Red Sox Nation anymore.

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An Education from Mad Men - Sixth Gear LLC

The world of advertising and marketing is clearly very different today then it was 40 or 50 years ago. In the "Mad Men" era the tactics were simple, you know your consumer, you pitch an item to that consumer and you sell.

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Marketing Wars: The Brand Awakens - Sixth Gear LLC

So, we may be just a little excited for the new Star Wars to come out this week, and although this our fun way of showing our fan status for the new franchise, we are also going to cover key marketing tips that will help you take on the dark side and showcase your brand's

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Sixth Gear's 2016 Resolutions! - Sixth Gear LLC

There is something about starting a new year in business. If last years marketing campaigns or rebranding efforts didn't really make the cut there is always another year to step your game up, the only question is where to start?

Meet Courtney Lewis - iknowjax.com

The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra has had a long history of hosting some of the world's most celebrated artists. Since 1949 musicians like Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington have taken their place on stage beside the orchestra, adding a strong foundation to their name and reputation.

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Album Exclusive: Stream 'Celebrate,' by CHAPPO

Emerging from New York City's East Village in 2009, CHAPPO has since created an army of loyal followers, attending their sets for an array of cool slow jams and striking live performances. The quartet houses a blend of composed harmonies, psychedelic guitar rock, and the occasional disco surge to deliver an addicting and sway worthy index of tracks.

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REVIEW: Sarah Jaffe - Don't Disconnect

Don't Disconnect is a divergent step from some of Sarah Jaffe's earlier acoustic stylings most dominant on her debut Suburban Nature and peak single " Clementine". It's a welcomed change as she manages to balance her delicate vocals and storytelling roots with a bold synth-heavy production.

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REVIEW: Bleachers - Strange Desire

Stepping out of the success of Indie acts Fun and Steel Train, Jack Antonoff's solo project Bleachers debut album Strange Desire is a throwback to the new wave sound of the '80s and an official introduction into his desired musical element.

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First Aid Kit - Stay Gold

First Aid Kit's newest release Stay Gold is a concise album that shows a maturity and new depth for Swedish sister songwriters Johanna and Klara Söderberg. Stay Gold is fluid and easy to swallow, which is the album's triumph as well as its minor downfall.