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Copywriter. Blogger. Proofreader. Busy Body.

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Georgia born, self-made freelancers for ~8 years. Gaming, technology, business, and more. Jack-of-all-trades from a variety of professional backgrounds.
Currently a freelance blogger, copywriter, and proofreader. I love what I do and how I do it.

I love video games, technology, coding, and creative writing. Studying Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and C#. Participated in NaNiWriMo 2015!

Geek Insider
Let's Engage in Mortal Kombat

doth giveth another installment into its brutal series. Mortal Kombat X came out earlier this year and promises to be engaging. There are so many things to get your hands on: towers, campaign, arena mode, DLC! But first, before you get into all of that, you'll need to pick what clan you want to join.

Geek Insider
Final Fantasy 15 Has Leveled Up

It's been a long time coming. Final Fantasy XV is on the list of "hyped about" titles for 2015 and 2016. Even though the excitement has been swelling these past few months especially, SquareEnix's road trip taking, beast fighting pseudo-boy band isn't new to the eyes of gamers.

Geek Insider
Looking Back at 'Five Nights at Freddy's'

When I say 'Chuck E. Cheese," what kind of flashbacks do you have? Are they rambunctious and colourful, or do you have horrible, war-like memories of the infamous ball pit? Regardless of your stance on the building, it does have a presence, and to some debatably lucky few, it was a childhood staple.

Opening and Organizing a Blog Store

There's nothing like your own, and being the boss over how you make your money is always the ideal. Owning a blog shop can be an arduous task, but it can ultimately be very rewarding. Yes, like many things, but there's a different sort of trial and tribulation with owning an online store, especially if it's your first one.

The MMO Gaming News Site
Wartune Review by J Wilson

Being a Mac user these days, it's hard to find free MMO games to play. While it is a difficult task, it's not at all discouraging. During my long search, I've come across Wartune. It's nothing like I've ever played before. There are certain dynamics that I'm used to that are either missing or strangely...

The Professional Gains of Blogging

For most people, blogging is a really fun activity. It's a hobby that can be done at will, and that's why there are so many social media sites set up around it. It's great for meeting people with like interests, but it can also be a hard fought career for those daring enough to travel down that path.

Learning a Different Language

There are many reasons to learn a new language. Whether it's because you plan on visiting a place or because you're very into entertainment, you at least have a reason to go out and learn a new language. Therein, you also learn more about the culture.

Understanding Writing Commissions

From time to time, I take writing commissions, and this is like taking art commissions in a sense. To me, taking writing commissions has a much more relaxed air to it than professional freelance work does. But no matter what you do, it's still an obligation of sorts.

Review: The Padcaster

To promote the Kickstater for The Padcaster Mini, I was sent one of the original Padcasters for the iPad. The product has been described as "a powerful filmmaking accessory that transforms your iPad into a mobile production studio". This is for those who want to make the most out of their mobile devices and want to optimize their productivity.

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