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Buena Park Independent

Buena Park Independent
Speech and Language Development Center holds promotion

The Speech and Language Development Center (SLDC) held its annual graduation ceremony for transition program students last Thursday, June 18. The center's transition program lasts two to three years and prepares students, aged 18 to 22, afflicted with autism, speech and language impairment, and other disabilities, to get jobs, participate in the community, and live independently.

The Event News

The Event News
Nonprofit gives deserving young people smiles for a lifetime

Smile for a Lifetime scholarship recipient Bree Smentkowski saw her new smile for the first time after two years of wearing braces at Boulton Orthodontics on Tuesday. The Smile for a Lifetime Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides free orthodontic treatment to individuals aged 11-18 who demonstrate financial need.

The Hornet

The Hornet
Gotta Catch 'Em Brawl - The Hornet

It was Saturday afternoon in Riverside and the Fox Performing Arts Center was abuzz for Ultimate Brawl: Battle of Distinction, an annual collegiate hip-hop competition hosted by UC Riverside's hip-hop dance team, 909. Away from the queue forming at the entrance, the theater's backstage area was packed with 26 teams from all over Southern California.

The Hornet
Mission ImPROMible: seniors help classmate attend prom - The Hornet

The lights dimmed over the dance floor of the Cerritos Performing Arts Center and all in attendance gathered around to await the announcement of prom king. The senior class president called for a drum roll as Sunny Hills High School senior Matthew Kim clenched his fists in anticipation, hoping that his name would be the one called.

The Hornet
Underrepresentation is not in"Korra"gible. - The Hornet

"The Legend of Korra," the sequel to the Nickelodeon animated series "Avatar: The Last Airbender," aired its final episode near the end of last year. The first two of the show's four seasons, referred to as "books" aired on Nickelodeon, but the last five episodes of Book Three and all of Book Four were moved to an online platform.

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