Kevin Duong/Just Droll With It

Copywriter, Content Marketer and Creative Consultant

Location icon Canada

I specialize in helping clients craft copy and content that will resonate with their target audiences.

My versatile style can deliver both creative and business writing.

I am passionate about sweets (check out my Instagram) and sports.

For inquiries (both freelance and full-time work), contact me at [email protected]



Website Copy

As part of a website redesign with Thousand Plus, I optimized KSTONE's existing copy and wrote new copy, helping match the punchiness of their new visuals.

Instagram Ad—Attention!

Wrote ad copy promoting service in a tone tailored to both Instagram's platform and the image provided.

Facebook Ad—ABCs of CTAs

Wrote ad copy to entice marketers to download our calls to action (CTA) guide and obtain their information. Generated 47 leads in only 37 days on an extremely limited budget.

Facebook Ad—Diversity

In addition to writing the copy, I came up with the winning touch to include colour coordinated fruits atop each person to further emphasize the primary benefit of our personalization tool.

Email Marketing Campaign for CTA Guide Signups

Developed and wrote a five-part email series. Emails 1–3 provided content through blogs I wrote while integrating soft sells. Email 4 tied together all previous emails into a formal product pitch. Email 5 was a follow-up pitch.

Website Copy

Optimized happylane’s website by writing new copy, revising the existing copy and ensuring a consistent brand voice and message across all pages (home page, pricing and features).

Content Marketing


More Writing Samples

Spec Ad
Sales Letter

Ad for Laundry Reimagined's pickup and delivery service.


Spec Ad
Landing Page

Ad for Kit Kat Chocolatory luxury boutiques.

Blog (Personal)
La Rocca Revisited

Three-part review series on La Rocca Creative Kitchen's summer desserts.

Blog (Personal)
Food Reviews

La Rocca/SanRemo Bakery/Krispy Kreme


ESPN/The New York Times/ Athletic/Twitter
Sports Pieces

TV and Online Exposure

Spec Ad
The Athletic

Landing Page Ad for their Free 7-Day Trial

Pop Culture

Blog (Personal)
Pop Culture Reviews

Show and episode reviews that were recognized by Breaking Bad's cast and crew on Twitter

Spec Ad
Google Ad

Ad for Netflix's 1 Month Free Trial

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