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Gloria Julieth Medina-Cici

Aspiring Bilingual Journalist & Writer

Location icon United States of America

Doing research about a topic, investigating, and interviewing are not exclusive to just journalists doing their job. These are also the ways how I have been building life experience and knowledge all my life. Since I was a kid I’ve always been asking questions, and surrounding myself with adults and people that could give me those answers. In addition, I was persistent enough to get those answers, no matter how hard they were, which has built up my passion for journalism.

Building a career requires a great deal of passion, hard work, determination, and focus. I have been doing so ever since I decided to go to school for a Communications degree. Starting in my native country, Colombia, and for reasons that only God knows ended up fulfilling my academic goals in America.

I'd like to think of myself at this point as someone capable to be a connection between two languages, cultures, and worlds that support each other in this great country, but also be the bridge to communicate with those that may not experience this country on first hand but that are eager and curious to learn about what happens in it.

I have been building skills in writing, critical thinking, research, but more importantly I’ve been learning to understand two different languages, that have the same goal, to connect our society and provide them with the information to make the best out of their life.


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