Julia Jester

Researcher • TODAY Show

United States

Work: NBC News TODAY Show, NBCU Page Program (CNBC Documentaries, MSNBC's The Last Word), Vox (Engagement Intern, Community Manager), Al Jazeera America (News Intern), Blue State Digital (Social Media Intern)

Education: Georgetown University (Major - American Studies • Minors - Journalism, Government)




The Georgetown Voice

The Georgetown Voice
Forward on Climate Rally draws 40,000 to capital - The Georgetown Voice

This past Sunday, nearly 40,000 people stood together on the National Mall in the Forward on Climate Rally and challenged President Barack Obama to live up to his inaugural promise to combat climate change. Led by environmentalist groups 350.org and the Sierra Club, the rally was the largest environmental demonstration in history.

The Georgetown Voice
Carrying On: The challenge of student media - The Georgetown Voice

Controversy. Clicks. Criticism. These buzzwords have come to define both the goals and perceptions of modern-day media, for better or for worse. And as I prepared to write my final column for the Voice, I realized that while I'm about to embark on a career in journalism, I'm leaving behind one of the most empowering,...

The Georgetown Voice
Higher Edge: Major decision, minor support

Between the rising costs of college tuition and the lingering effects of the recession, it's no surprise that the specialized training versus liberal arts education debate has yet to be settled. But the truth is, the lofty philosophical debate over whether students should major in engineering or English is both misguided and misdirected.

The Georgetown Voice
Higher Edge: Minimum effort for college affordability

"Back in my day, I worked my way through college." That's reasonable enough for our parents to say, when referring to a time when colleges didn't expect students to live on campus, mandate meal plans, require astronomically expensive textbooks, encourage extracurricular involvement, promote unpaid internships, and foster social interaction.

The Georgetown Voice
Higher Edge: Colleges shouldn't get IX lives

The White House's star-studded "It's On Us" campaign may have made headlines this month, but it's far from being the only step in recent times to combat sexual assault on college campuses. As Georgetown was sending detailed emails explaining its existing process for addressing sexual misconduct, other universities were drastically changing theirs to comply with-and even surpass-new standards.

The Georgetown Voice
NSO includes first ever mandatory sexual assault education component

For the first time, New Student Orientation included a mandatory sexual assault education component this year after a recent push from student organizations, including the Voice and GUSA. Last year's NSO held a voluntary ice cream social addressing the issue of sexual assault during Welcome Week.

The Georgetown Voice
Higher Edge: Stay classy, for-profit universities

In 1911, the federal government tried to rate American colleges, but failed miserably. Undeterred, the U.S. Department of Education is trying again. Later this fall, a draft of President Obama's Postsecondary Institution Ratings System is set to be released for the 2015-2016 academic year.