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Julia Djeke

Writer | Content Strategist | Editor-in-Chief

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I believe writers pay attention. They observe, analyze, and integrate fragments into a cohesive narrative. Good writers string words into a garland of meaning; they make art out of the human experience.

That’s the art of storytelling. That’s what I do.

I’m a writer, yogi, and content strategist. I serve as Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Creative Women’s Lounge, an online community designed to awaken the inner entrepreneur and creative self that’s universal to all—and to attract creative women at the cusp of their next big step.

I carry over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector including institutions like Harvard University, UC Santa Barbara, and Better World International. Utilizing my version of intrapreneurism, I enjoy building positions from the ground up. I’ve worked hard to motivate team members—all from a passion-packed, mission-oriented vantage.

In my spare time, I love to cook, travel, and drink good wine and coffee.

Creative Women's Lounge
company branding, website content + communications

The Creative Women’s Lounge is a community inspired by its members. We exist for any woman who’s on the creative journey—whether she’s an artist, entrepreneur, side hustler, or seasoned professional quietly nurturing her passion project.

UC Santa Barbara
philanthropy website content + communications

Universities are nothing without the people who comprise them. Here at UC Santa Barbara, we celebrate all individuals committed to making a difference and bringing our campus to life.

ProTeam case studies
Ready, Set, Pro!

Many school districts brace for State Administrative Reviews. Like tax season, there’s anticipation of slog—and a vague sense that perhaps not everything is fully compliant or efficient. That’s when they turn to Pro•Team Foodservice Advisors.

Nicola Corso
artist statement + biography

I’m no purist. As an Italian living in New York City, I embrace the multicultural environment that surrounds me. The city invites cross-pollination, and perhaps the best example of this is jazz.

Nepali Tea Traders blog
The New York Times Plucked Us For a Story

The May 28 article entitled “Don’t Call It Darjeeling, It’s Nepali Tea” showcases Nepal’s rise to fame when it had often been regarded as the “poor cousin of Darjeeling.” We know better, and have known for some time that our teas are anything but inferior.

teacher philosophy + biography

Melody Schroeer finds inspiration in every facet of life---from nature, to people, to tender moments on the mat, she believes the Divine can be found anywhere.

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