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Content Marketing Intern, Asulia Foods

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Writing, food, travel, and the arts make me tick. Boston University, English Literature B.A., Class of 2014. Formerly an intern with Da Capo Press and People Making Good Public Relations.

Do feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] if you have feedback.

The Huffington Post
How Is a Girl's Worth Actually Determined?

Worthiness, how do we determine the value of something? Is it by price, by appearance, by placement, by brand? Human life is priceless, beautiful, and one of a kind. The possibilities of shaping one's character are limitless and only bound by the borders we set for ourselves -- so why is it that girls are marginalized, discriminated against, and still not valued the same as boys?


Asulia Foods
Happy National Kale Day!

Seems like Kale's been in our lives forever! It's hard to imagine, but there was life before kale ("B.K."). We didn't try to put other leafy green vegetables in everything-we kept our lettuce strictly in the salad bowl, not in our nail polish, donuts, or soda just to name a few odd finds.

The Huffington Post
Whole Plant Eating: Squash Seeds

We've all been there before -- an evening spent peeling away and finally we have sheets of spiced, cubed squash roasting away in the oven. The kitchen is starting to warm up with the savory smell of garlic and herbs, with a bowl of salad greens just waiting for the timer to go off, and then you see it...

Asulia Foods
5 ways to use turmeric for better health

What looks like ginger, has a slightly citrusy smell and earthy taste, and gives Indian curries and our favorite bottled mustards their vibrant gold coloring? If you guessed turmeric, you are correct!

Asulia Foods
Beyond a new gym routine, resolutions for emotional health

"This year I resolve to: exercise more, eat healthier, stop procrastinating, make more time for friends and loved ones, etc. etc." Most of our New Year's resolution lists have read like this at some point or another and there's no shame in it, but after years of the same vague, sweeping declarations, it's not hard to see why resolutions don't have much staying power past the first few weeks of January.

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