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I'm a working mum who loves travelling and exploring different perspectives on my travel blog julesthetraveller.com and personal blog julesofsingapore.wordpress.com.

I've also guest posted on issues relating to parenting, current affairs, government, labour and special needs.

How Do You Know He Is The Right One To Marry?

You aren't sure if he's the one to marry or not, but you need to make that decision quickly, what do you do? You've been with this guy for some time, and you're wondering if he's the one you should spend the rest of your life with.

Why Should I Pay $9 for NTUC Membership?

I grew up with NTUC all around me - NTUC FairPrice, NTUC Income and even read NTUC Lifestyle Magazine with the latest fruit juice advertisements. Why I refused to pay $9 a month for NTUC membership I refused to pay $9 a month for NTUC membership for many years even after I started working full time.

Taiwan Trip Jan 2016 [Day 2 - Tainan, Kenting]

This is post 2 of 7 in the series "Taiwan Winter 2016: North, West, South Coast" Taoyuan, Tainan, Little Liuqiu, Kaohsiung, Kenting Taiwan Day 2 - Tainan, Kenting: Houbihu Harbour, Cheap & Good Sashimi, Maobitou, Baishawan, The Sail Rock, Southernmost Point of Taiwan, Eluanbi Lighthouse, Kenting Night Market I was very excited about Kenting since the day we started planning our third self-tour of Taiwan.

Does Neil Humphreys know Singapore better than Singaporeans?

Who is Neil Humphreys? He's a self-declared 'white trash' bloke from England who decided to come to Singapore for 3 months in 1996, but ended up staying here till now (except for a period Down Under which made him miss Singapore even more).

3 Reasons You Should Hire Candidates with SME Work Experience

When I was an unemployed mum and desperately looking for a job, I sent out about a thousand job applications, secured less than 10 interviews, and only received one job offer. I also applied for around 30 jobs via [email protected] but only received one reply that I didn't qualify for an interview (despite previously clinching a Spring Singapore scholarship and completing my bond at a local SME).

10 Anti-Productivity Crimes You Are Unconsciously Committing

You only have 24 hours every day. After deducting time to work, eat, travel and bathe, you still don't have time for yourself! Why??? You may just be committing these nasty anti-productivity crimes that sap off precious minutes of your life every single day, the way a leaky tap wastes water.

Stanchart Robbery and The Importance of Security Assessments

The recent robbery of $30,000 from Stanchart was big news among my friends, while the countless reminders about being vigilant against terrorist attacks are already relegated as background noise (yawn!). There wasn't even a security guard at the Stanchart branch yesterday when the robbery happened - CCTV enough meh???

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