Judith Vonberg

Freelance journalist

I'm a freelance journalist currently working on the digital news team at CNN International in the London bureau, where I began as an intern in January 2017. I also work as a freelance news writer at The Independent.

From June to September 2017, I was a key player in designing and coordinating a project to grow CNN's audience in Germany. This involved writing news stories, producing distinctive features, analysis pieces and graphics-led articles, and working closely with colleagues in Berlin and with the CNN Style and Travel teams.

My articles on migration, Anglo-German relations and European culture have also been published by The Guardian, New Statesman and BuzzFeed and I have appeared on BBC TV World News and BBC Radio Scotland discussing the refugee crisis. You can see some of my work on refugee and migration issues at www.peoplecrossingborders.com.

I have also recently passed my doctorate in Anglo-German Cultural Relations. My PhD thesis explores the mutual depictions of Britons and Germans in British and German popular culture just after the Second World War.

United Kingdom



Turkey jails six media workers for life, frees German

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Germany paves way for recognition of 'third gender'

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Nazi-era art dealer's hidden hoard on show for the first time

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German president: New walls have gone up

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Far-right party enters German parliament

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Turkey accuses German politicians of 'bowing down to populism'

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