Judith Vonberg

Freelance journalist

I'm a freelance journalist currently working on the digital news team at CNN International in the London bureau, where I began as an intern in January 2017. I also work as a freelance news writer at The Independent.

From June to September 2017, I was a key player in designing and coordinating a project to grow CNN's audience in Germany. This involved writing news stories, producing distinctive features, analysis pieces and graphics-led articles, and working closely with colleagues in Berlin and with the CNN Style and Travel teams.

My articles on migration, Anglo-German relations and European culture have also been published by The Guardian, New Statesman and BuzzFeed and I have appeared on BBC TV World News and BBC Radio Scotland discussing the refugee crisis. You can see some of my work on refugee and migration issues at www.peoplecrossingborders.com.

I have also recently passed my doctorate in Anglo-German Cultural Relations. My PhD thesis explores the mutual depictions of Britons and Germans in British and German popular culture just after the Second World War.

United Kingdom



Cold War guide to surviving nuclear attack reissued

A stark guide to surviving a nuclear blast that was first published during the dark days of the Cold War is being reissued by the Imperial War Museum in London. The 1980...


Queen marks 65 years on British throne

Her Sapphire Jubilee has being marked with ceremonial gun salutes at London's Green Park and the Tower of London, and in several other locations across the United Kingdom. The...


MI6: The real life Q is a woman

Speaking at the Women in IT Awards in London on Wednesday night, MI6 chief Alex Younger, known as C, encouraged more women to join the intelligence services. "The real-life Q is...

Refugees Deeply

'Refugee History' Platform Offers Lessons for the Current Crisis

Historians frustrated by simplistic comparisons between refugee crises past and present have set up a platform to delve deeper into historical parallels and differences. Its...

Science & health

The Independent

Spacecraft's final images before smashing into Saturn released by Nasa

Before smashing into Saturn last September, Nasa's Cassini spacecraft sent back some of the most spectacular images of the planet ever seen. Now Nasa has revealed an image...

The Independent

Scientists think they may have solved the mystery of what killed up to 15 million Aztecs

Scientists believe they may have discovered the cause of an epidemic that struck Mexico's Aztec population in 1545, killing up to 15 million people. In a paper published in...

The Independent

Marijuana legalisation causing violent crime to fall in US states, study finds

The legalisation of marijuana for medical purposes has led to a significant reduction in violent crime in several US states bordering Mexico, according to new research. The...


The far-fetched fixes for climate change

In the battle against climate change, efforts to reduce emissions of harmful gases like carbon dioxide have consumed most of the headlines. But many scientists say that simply...


Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for cryo-electron microsopy

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 has been awarded to three scientists for their pioneering work developing new methods of visualising biomolecules, such as the Zika virus.


Large ice sheet 'very close' to breaking away from Antarctica

A rift in the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica has grown by 10.5 miles in the last six days, according to UK scientists working on Project MIDAS. It will create one of the...


The mammal that can survive without oxygen

The naked mole rat is already known to be cold-blooded, resistant to cancer and feeling pain, and can live ten times longer than a mouse. The animal is alsoone of the...


World's oldest microfossils found, study says

The discovery comprises tiny filaments and tubes formed by bacteria that lived on iron, according to a statement released Wednesday by University College London. They were found...


Can more fruit and veg make you live longer?

The study, by Imperial College London, says consuming 10 portions per day, or about 800g, could prevent an estimated 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide. The World Health...

NEWS Articles


Refugees Deeply

British Volunteer Hosts Welcome Refugees Into Their Homes and Lives

Amid a hostile climate for refugees in the U.K., ordinary citizens are plugging gaps in the asylum system. Judith Vonberg reports on Refugees at Home, a volunteer initiative...


"A sinking ship with not enough lifeboats": London citizens call for urgent action on child...

Around 150 people gathered outside the Home Office yesterday to celebrate the arrival of the first so-called "Dubs children" and to urge leaders of government and local councils...

Refugees Deeply

Why We Need a Supranational Approach at the U.N. Migration Summit

As part of our "The Road to UNGA" series, migrant rights advocate Judith Vonberg writes that the upcoming U.N. summit, already backsliding on promises to resettle refugees,...


The referendum: A choice between taking our country back and taking it forwards?

Thursday’s vote presents us with two visions of our country. The Leave campaign offers us an anti-immigration, nostalgia driven fantasy while Remain, in its more inspiring...