Judith Vonberg

Freelance journalist

I'm a freelance journalist currently working on the digital news team at CNN International in the London bureau, where I began as an intern in January 2017. I also work as a freelance news writer at The Independent.

From June to September 2017, I was a key player in designing and coordinating a project to grow CNN's audience in Germany. This involved writing news stories, producing distinctive features, analysis pieces and graphics-led articles, and working closely with colleagues in Berlin and with the CNN Style and Travel teams.

My articles on migration, Anglo-German relations and European culture have also been published by The Guardian, New Statesman and BuzzFeed and I have appeared on BBC TV World News and BBC Radio Scotland discussing the refugee crisis. You can see some of my work on refugee and migration issues at www.peoplecrossingborders.com.

I have also recently passed my doctorate in Anglo-German Cultural Relations. My PhD thesis explores the mutual depictions of Britons and Germans in British and German popular culture just after the Second World War.

United Kingdom


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