Juan Salazar

Writer and Editor.

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I am a passionate communicator with a broad skill set in Marketing. I find inspiration in many places, which is why my work encompasses a wide range of subjects and industries: news, technology, arts and media.

This is a selection of my published work in print and online.



Lost Alphabet
It's a long way

In exile, you are forced to substitute your relationships with the people and places that are dearest to you with memories made of images and words. "It’s a long way" is a nostalgic ode to, and a photographic exploration of Caracas, Venezuela.

Papel Literario
La Guerra del Cojo

'La Guerra del Cojo' is a survey of the South American media landscape and its evolution until the advent of the first World War.

Branded Content

Banks and fintechs, instead of banks versus fintechs

In 2016, global market uncertainty seemed to make investors somewhat more cautious, thanks to the results of the votes in the UK and the USA. However, fintech's stellar run did not come to a halt. According to the February report by KPMG, venture capital investment in the space rose 7%,

How to get Business Insights from Artificial Intelligence (when you really need them)

This article is part of a media partnership with Data Analytics and Behavioural Science Applied to Retail and Consumer Markets conference, an event featuring high quality case studies, networking sessions and discussions full of insights on the Retail and Consumer Markets. It takes place June 28 at Millennium Hotel Mayfair, London.

Content Marketing

Boom and Bust - A Data-Driven Lesson on App Store Monetization

Getting app monetization right is not easy. It involves strategies ranging from advertising and subscriptions, to Kanye West's worst nightmare, in-app purchases, and various types of promotions and special offers. Any such decision can be a turning point for a publisher's business, especially when they are not sitting on piles of venture capital cash.


Data Natives
Data Natives

Data is part of our new cultural identity, transforming the way we communicate, learn and interact. Join us as we explore key areas of technology driving innovation and the next wave of billion dollar startups.

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