Jennifer Reale

Professional and Public Writing Minor at Roger Williams University

Location icon United States

This portfolio showcases my work in WTNG.400.01, Writing for Social Change, in the Spring of 2019 at Roger Williams University. Students in this course partnered with The Transition Academy @ RWU (RITA), a transition program for students with disabilities aged 18-21. We worked with RITA to produce "deliverables," or concrete, usable documents, for their program. I chose to create a website for RITA.

This portfolio includes a rhetorical analysis of the deliverable process, minutes from meetings held during class, a memo proposing my chosen deliverable, the website I created, and other materials I created along the way.



Roger Williams University
Reflective Rhetorical Analysis

A metacognitive analysis detailing the purpose, audience, genre, medium, stance, and process of creating my deliverable. It details rhetorical components of the process and reflects my accomplishment of course goals throughout the semester.


Roger Williams University
[email protected] Website

The website I created for the RI Transition Academy @ RWU using the Wix platform. The website includes information about [email protected] and showcases deliverables from several other students in Writing for Social Change.


Roger Williams University
Meeting Minutes - Carolyn Aspinwall

Minutes from Writing for Social Change's meeting with Carolyn Aspinwall, director of the RI Transition Academy @ RWU.


Roger Williams University

A memorandum detailing the problem/need/concern that the deliverable will address, my plan for the deliverable, the method and resources I will utilize, and my qualifications. The memo originally proposed a blog, but has since been updated to reflect my decision to create a website.


East Bay Educational Collaborative
Original [email protected] Website

The original website for the Transition Academy @ RWU. The website has since been updated to include a link to the one that I created.

Roger Williams University
Activity Report/Timeline

An activity report detailing my progress on the deliverable and an intended timeline for the remainder of the semester.

Roger Williams University
PCDA Status Report

A status report, in memorandum format, detailing my progress on the deliverable. It follows the PCDA style: Plan, Do, Check/Reflect, and Act/Adjust.