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James Pedderson

Writer, Communications Professional, Strategic Thinker, Problem Solver

Location icon United States

I've spent my career in public/media relations, but like many PR professionals, I'm a writer at heart. I strongly believe that every person and every organization has a unique story to tell. And, telling that story to the right people, at the right time, in the right way, can enhance reputations, foster new relationships, and accelerate the achievement of goals. Helping tell those stories is what gets me excited each and every morning.

Natalya Wallin MPP'15 and the Fight Against Human Trafficking

It is not unusual for University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy students and graduates to take a variety of unexpected turns on their professional journey. However, there may be only one who can say she left a career in molecular genetics cancer research to become an activist in the battle against human trafficking.

Buoyed by Tidal Wave of Activism, Liz Krueger AM'81 Looks Toward the Future

Following the unexpected presidential election results of 2016, which she found disheartening and happened to coincide with the prolonged illness and passing of her parents, eight-term New York State Senator Liz Krueger AM'81 was ready to pack it in, leave office, and start the next chapter in her life.

Guaranteed Income?: UBI and the Fight Against Poverty

A shrinking middle class, widening income inequality, and the prospect of technology displacing millions of American workers over the next two decades have a growing number of policymakers exploring programs to address the myriad socio-economic challenges these trends present.

Defying Political Stereotypes, Tabitha Isner MPP'09 Runs for Congress in Alabama

Always active politically, Harris Public Policy graduate Tabitha Isner MPP'09, like so many women across the country, has decided to jump from the sidelines into the middle of the action. However, unlike most first-time candidates, who start at the local level, Isner is aiming for the big leagues, competing for a heavily-contested seat in the United States House of Representatives from Alabama's 2nd District.

Campaigns, Cybersecurity, and Community: The Many Facets of Paul Berry MPP'15

Growing up on a farm, Paul Berry MPP'15 learned from a young age to prepare for all eventualities and be adaptable. Those early lessons in versatility and flexibility are reflected in a diverse educational and professional journey, which, far from being complete, presently sees him moving seamlessly between the seemingly disparate worlds of hard-edged cybersecurity work and electoral politics.

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You're at a business dinner. You're expected to get wine or some frilly pink drink. But, you didn't get where you are by doing what's expected. You shatter expectations by being bold and uncompromising. We know a little something about shattering expectations and being bold at Riazul.

A Market Segment Overlooked - The Singles are Coming

As companies try harder, and often fail to connect with millennials, most are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the largest and fastest growing demographic in the U.S. and around the world: Singles. Not only are companies overlooking singles; many are actually going out of their way to create and exploit false fear and shame about being uncoupled.


How to Stay On Track with Your Workouts In Busy Times Summer is upon us and for many of our members, that means some type of vacation. Whether it's a long weekend getaway, a weeklong vacation, or a two-week journey, the disruption to the workout schedule, while not detrimental to the gains accomplished, can disrupt one's routine and make it more difficult to get back into a rhythm upon returning.

Attract Top Talent with an Employment Branding Strategy

Remember the good old days when companies just had to worry about the brand they presented to consumers? Today, it is more important than ever that these same companies develop, manage and market their brands if they hope to attract and retain the best talent. (Written on behalf of Devon Kerns, chief visionary officer of The Social Capital Agency)

SoCap Ads
Auxillium Case Study - SoCap Ads

In 2018, the call center/customer service division of Project Resources Group (PRG) separated from its parent company, a leading provider of construction management, plant damage investigation & recovery, business outsourcing, and consulting services. In its quest for full independence, management sought out the help of SoCap build a new brand from scratch that would disengage it from PRG without creating confusion for current and prospective clients.

Jujotech Named Among Top Tech Companies Leading The Charge In Augmented Reality

Boulder-based Jujotech, one of the companies working to transform the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into powerful interactive communication tools for industrial, business, and healthcare, has been named one of the 200 Most Promising AR/VR Tech Solution Providers in the country by leading technology trade journal CIO Review.

Get More From Your Team by Asking Powerful Questions - JP FLAUM

Team Not Speaking Up? Maybe You're Not Asking The Right Questions. A common complaint I hear time and time again from the senior leaders I work with is that their team members do not speak up, voice concerns, or ask questions. I typically respond by suggesting that the problem may not be with the team ...