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Exploring Prague's Malá Strana Neighborhood

By Josephine Parr Known for its fascinating history, gorgeous architecture and Old Town Square, Prague is brimming with tourists from around the world. Almost all of them travel across the famed Charles Bridge to explore the Prague Castle, set up on a hill overlooking the neighborhood of Malá Strana or

Europe's Next Hiking Destination: Catalonia

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is known for its art, architecture, and culinary delights. The nearby white sandy beaches attract visitors from around the world. But Catalonia has a secret the average tourist doesn't know - its vast number of hiking trails streaking through the natural beauty and cultural history of one of Spain's most unique and famously autonomous regions.

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How to Choose the Right Tour Operator for Your Next Epic Trip

Do you dream of cycling through Tuscany or witnessing a traditional shikhat dance in Morocco, yet don't have the time to plan the trip yourself? No need to worry; there's an entire segment of the travel industry that can manage the logistics for you.

Everett Potter's Travel Report
O:live Boutique Hotel, an Oasis in San Juan

By Josephine Parr Steps away from the beach and large resorts, and nestled next to the lagoon of Condado Beach, is O:live Boutique Hotel (, a charming respite from the busy tourist destination of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The nondescript street gives way to a European influenced oasis. Opened by

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Acroyoga 101

Experiencing Acroyoga for the first time.

Everett Potter's Travel Report
Kayaking the Douro River

Story & photos by Josephine Parr Portugal had been on my "list" for as long as I can remember. Maybe, even as a child, I felt connected to the exploring spirit of the country's past. Now, about to celebrate a birthday that brought a new decade, it was time for

My Adventure Through Peru

Flying past snow-capped peaks so close I could see their crevasses from my window seat seemed a fitting start to my trip to Machu Picchu. The famous archeological site had held a mysterious and dreamlike attraction for me since I was a young girl. I was finally on my way.

4 Must-Do Excursions in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Clients can experience Class III rapids along the Tampaon River. // © 2017 Getty Images Feature image (above): Visit the gardens designed by artist and poet Edward James. // © 2017 Getty Images As I passed through "purgatory," a zigzag gate located in the surrealist garden of British poet, artist and billionaire Edward James in Xilitla, Mexico, I felt spiritually refreshed, as if all of my previous sins had washed away.

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How to confuse a New Yorker

New Yorkers don't trust overly friendly people. We assume you want something from us. For the record, we're usually right. If you need directions, just ask. We'll happily tell you. But if you approach us with "Hi, how's your day going?"

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17 sure signs you're a tourist in NYC

Sidewalks in New York aren't built for suburb-sized umbrellas. Leave them at home and do what us locals do: buy a small, $5 black umbrella with the curved handle on the street corner or in a deli. It should last you exactly one and a half rainstorms, depending on the wind.

7 Attractions That Capture the Soul of Memphis

Ducks spend the day playing in fountain and delighting hotel guests at The Peabody Memphis. // © 2016 The Peabody Memphis Feature image (above): Beale Street in the early evening before the crowds. // © 2016 Josephine Parr Memphis offers up its soul - if you follow the right itinerary.

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10 ways to make a New Yorker whine

Us New Yorkers don't walk around with lots of cash. We don't need to. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, including in our cabs and at our food trucks. We're a little stumped and pissed off when a restaurant, or any store for that matter, is cash only.

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Asado: The Secret Argentinian Polo Tradition

​Pablo Calandroni tries to start his fire about an hour before he cooks. He chooses the best wood he can find, preferably cherry or oak, because it gives off high heat and adds great flavor to the meat.

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Get to Know the Tapas Hero: Chef Seamus Mullen

Chef Seamus Mullen helped introduce tapas to New York City, wrote a successful cookbook, and is a regular on the culinary shows and cutthroat kitchen competitions. But he didn't always know he'd find his passion behind the stove. Here, how Mullen found his way in the competitive culinary world and what's next for a chef who's (almost) done it all.

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Running Across Borders

As much as American runners might want to share a long run with the Rarámuri, visiting them is difficult, as McDougall describes in his book. And even if you find your way into the remote canyon, meeting the notoriously shy runners isn't easy.

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Complaint Box | Sitting Tight

I still remember the first time I flew. Meals were served, blankets were plentiful - it was great fun, and not just because I was 7 at the time. I think we can all agree that flying is no longer fun. That's O.K.

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Injured Police Officer Takes on Marathon

Nick Guerrero, a 37-year-old Suffolk County, New York, detective, planned to run the 2014 Chicago Marathon with the goal of qualifying for Boston. It didn't quite work out that way.On September 22, 2014, three weeks before he was to run Chicago, Guerrero pulled over a man driving a reportedly stolen vehicle.

Going for a Trail Run in Lion Country

As we were coming in for a landing, barely 100 feet above the dirt runway, our pilot suddenly jerked the nose of the propeller plane skyward - an elephant was calmly sauntering across the dusty strip. It was my first indication that, while humans may oversee Kruger National Park, they are not necessarily in control.

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