Jozette Massiah

Public Relations Student

My name is Jozette Massiah. I am a public relations practitioner, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May of 2014 with Honors. (Gaylord College ranked one of the top 40 in the nation). I have worked for several organizations including the Colombian Student Association, OU Daily, OU Wire, and OU College of Nursing. I look forward to expanding my experience in multiple journalism disciplines including graphic design, broadcasting, and research

PR Writing 2013

The backgrounder is an essential document that serves as my organizational feeder. My client’s backgrounder includes my organizational overview and history, biography of principals, a fact sheet of the organization, and two infographics. Backgrounder are essential for public relation practitioners to use to write essential writing pieces including news releases, feature stories, and even brochures. Going back to find key information at ease including contact information of principals, or even...

PR Writing 2013
Client logo

I created a client logo in order to create a brand identity for my organization.

PR Writing 2013
News Release

My news release that I created for my diverse organization highlighted its mission statement in promoting Colombian culture.

Pitch Letters

PR Writing 2013
Pitch Letter

This was a very short and brief pitch letter involving the issue of having more positive media coverage involving Colombia. In the email pitch I included key positive facts about the country of Colombia, and information about how the government is evolving.

PR Writing 2013
Feature Story

One of the pitches I created was a feature story that focuses on the Colombian Student Associations Soccer team. The feature story added a human element of friendship, and brotherhood

Special Event Planning

PR Writing 2013
Special Event Presentation

The special event speech was a strategic presentation that was written in the voice of the Colombian Student Association President Juan Galindo. For my special event speech I created a speech to gain money for Smiles Colombia.

PR Writing 2013
Special Event Outline

The special event outline was the drafting of my ideas for the special events speech and presentation I created for my organization. It included answers to the 5Ws and an H.

PR Writing 2013
Special Event Speech

For my special event speech I created a speech to gain money for Smiles Colombia. The special event was an auction called Emeralds with a Smile. The auction sold emeralds, one of Colombians most precious jewels. The speech event and presentation not only highlighted the beauty and culture of Colombia, but the importance of philanthropy that the organization.

Public Service Announcements

PR Writing 2013
Print PSA

My print PSA supported my special event speech and presentation. I wanted the PSA to be creative and eye-­‐catching. The focal point of my PSA was a little girl who was homeless in the country of Bogota. I was able to speak more volume with the picture of the starving child, then if I wrote about how much kids in Colombian were starving.

PR Writing 2013
Audio PSA

I included simple questions that made people ponder and question the outcome if their live if they didn’t have simple necessities. I wanted them to see that although they may have taken these things for granted, it always isn’t granted to everyone.

PR Writing 2013
Video PSA

Captured the meaning behind my print and audip PSA.

PR Writing 2013

My brochure was targeted to my diverse public. My diverse public included Caucasians who might want to partake in Latin culture.

PR Writing 2013

The design of the website resembles that of the organization colorful, vibrant and full of live. Since, the website is the first impression newcomers get of the organization I wanted it to be a positive experience.

PR Writing 2013

The use of social media blogger to review publication read in class.