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Jovana Ruiz

Content Writer

Location icon USA

I'm self-directed and passionate about everything I write. A constant flow of fresh ideas, artsy inspiration, experimenting, data-driven facts, healthy competition, and endless amounts of "googling" at my fingertips is all I need to make your wishes my command.

As a current content writer for a full service advertising agency, most of my experience is housed within the healthcare, real estate, food and beverage, and consumer goods industries. I use the science and beauty of words to help clients with their websites, blogs, and various social media channels.

The Plastic Surgery Center's Facebook
The Plastic Surgery Center

An example of social media accounts I write and curate content for...

Lou's Naturals
Various Onsite Web Content

I contributed various onsite web copy to help build a brand new website for Lou's Naturals. They are the parent company of Wellshire Farms and other natural meat brands. Wellshire Farms specializes in bacon that’s exclusively sold at Whole Foods Market. Here I gained extensive insight into the natural foods industry and learned a lot about writing for online product marketing.