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Joshua Collier

Former Opinions/Photo Sections Editor and Special Sections Editor The Skyline View. Current Focal Point Editor at the Skyline View

Location icon United States

An avid gamer with dreams of working for a games writing publication. Loves to learn, and has a perchance to fall asleep at random on rainy days. Fell in love with journalism after he discovered the career path contained a mixture of writing and learning about anything under the sun.

Transistor a work of art

You are thrown into a picturesque setup of what looks like the aftermath of a murder- the silhouette of a man who's been impaled by a sword that looks like a glorified usb drive with a hilt and a red haired woman standing above him with a mournful expression.


My Resume as of 6/1/2014

CSM's newspaper is down, but not out

Supporters of CSM's newspaper are still holding out hope that it will come back since the student-run newspaper has been cancelled Aug. 14 of this year. As of the 2012-2013 academic year, the San Matean was a First Amendment student run-publication and had been running since 1928, has gone on hiatus for an undisclosed time.

Bring an end to the trolling

Trolling, flaming, and the spreading of misinformation on social media, whether it's done purposefully or accidentally, needs to be taken down a couple of notches. People who get a feeling of self-worth or comfort from schadenfreude really need psychological attention. It's so easy to just poke fun at someone when you're not face to face and it needs to stop.

Tips on how to keep your computer safe from hackers

It's a Hack Attack. As some may be aware Burger King and Jeep's Twitter accounts were both hacked a few days ago. The hackers that took control of the accounts tweeted things like Burger King or Jeep had been sold to a rival company, and wrote tweets that contained profanity.

San Francisco airport name change sparks problems

On Jan. 15 in San Francisco, a measure was introduced to change the name of the San Francisco International Airport. This measure will spark some debate in the city of San Francisco and around the country; the proposed measure is to change the name of San Francisco International Airport to Harvey Milk San Francisco International Airport.

Where will technology bring us?

Technology in schools has come a long way from taking notes with pen and pencil. Now we have iPads to take notes with and interactive response systems like Sorcrative which allows our smartphones to become answering devices. How can technology further enhance certain aspects of our life at school or work?

The "Gamergate" debacle

Conflicts happen all the time. Sometimes a side will have a noble cause. Sometimes both sides have varying opinions on one subject. Regardless of the issue, when the conflict is being "resolved" both sides should be as respectful possible. An ongoing example of a conflict that could be handled in a better fashion would be the "Gamergate" conflict.

Editor's Eats - Rave Burger

Rave Burger Price: $10-$15/person Location: 144 E. Third St. San Mateo Hidden within busy downtown San Mateo, where there is no shortage of restaurants to eat at, Rave Burger is a definite must if you want a gourmet burger that is worth every penny.

Sustainable grant presentation and winners

The Skyline community as a whole won at the presentation and voting event for Be the Light of Change Sustainability contest which was held at Skyline this past Wednesday. The students that were in attendance of the event listened, voted and gave input to representatives from three groups as they presented their ideas on how they could make Skyline college a better place.

Last Minute Shuffle...Again?

It's 11 p.m. on a Sunday, that five page history paper is due tomorrow. You had one whole month to do the paper, yet you have just written down your first words, which consist of your first and last name. It's time to break out the 5-Hour Energy, Monster, or whatever poison will keep you awake.

Editor's Eats: "American Bull"

Looking for a place where you can unwind and watch the game with a few buddies? Maybe you just want to get some food with the family? Well look no further because The American Bull Bar & Grill is the place to be on game night or just any casual night.

Bravest Warriors delivers some laughs and kills some times

From the creator of Adventure Time comes the first season of the YouTube cartoon web-series Bravest Warriors. This show will leave you perplexed, but definitely wanting to see more. The plot of Bravest Warriors is essentially about four teenagers who are heroes-for-hire.

Keep Your Body and Your Wallet Healthy

It always feels good when you can save money as a student. The feeling is even better when you can save money, learn a sport and get fit all at the same time. If you are a Skyline student and you have a gym membership to say 24 Hour Fitness, or are paying for private golf or tennis lessons, guess what?

It's not worth it. Do not give Zimmerman anymore attention

George Zimmerman is rumored to be a participant in some sort of boxing match. Zimmerman is the man who was acquitted of charges pertaining to second-degree murder and manslaughter after killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a young African American boy who was walking to his father's house one night in Florida.

Make connections

Heading home after school to lounge around, sitting in the cafeteria on your smart phone or laptop doing nothing important. We all do it, when instead we could easily be attending one of the many events on campus, or being a bit more active in school.

Editorial - Piling up W's will hurt you in the long-term

Dropping classes is the easy way out, but it can place students in a hard position when they lose financial aid in addition to scarring their transcript. Picture this: it's five weeks into the semester. You are tired of your English class and you don't want to write that seven page essay you know is coming up soon.

The View from Hell!

It's dark... From what I can see there is red tape everywhere. Everyone who I've interviewed for this story on the dark guardian, that's having an affair with succubus number 8667 has gone off the record with no swaying them. Talk about dark dealings.

The TSV "How to" guide to survive Halloween

The month of ghost, witches, and other deadly beasts has arrived. If you're anything like me, the mere thought of these baddies roaming around free, eating your loved ones, is completely terrifying. So for all you nubile monster hunters, here I, The man who monsters fear, have complied for you a short list of the dangerous baddies you will need to look out for during this terrifying month.

A night class disclaimer

Heading over to school at around 6 p.m. one night a week. Sitting in a classroom anywhere from two to three hours, having to consume and process three hours of information that you will probably be quizzed on next week.

Concert gives back to students

Wonderful music, good vibes and an overall positive message were displayed at Skyline's very first Outreach Exclusive concert event. The event was held on March 12, in collaboration with former Skyline faculty members Joi Blake and John Mosby, and was brought to fruition by Skyline College Outreach Coordinator, Florentino Ubungen The event did more than just entertain students.