Josephine Sherwood

Senior PR Account Executive

Senior PR Account Executive and English and German Literature graduate from the University of Warwick. Interests include writing and the visual arts.

Elbows off the table?

The Chester Grosvenor hosts live debate on modern restaurant etiquette. When we think of restaurant etiquette, we're often reminded of genteel customs rooted in tradition; from the do's and dont's of passing food around the table to correctly sipping soup from a spoon (the spoon is held in the right-hand and the soup should be sipped from the side, not the end, in case you were wondering...).

Tilstone House
The Art of Entertaining

First of all, there's the element of total exclusivity. From the immaculately landscaped grounds to the sumptuous bedrooms and function rooms, you can look forward to enjoying one of the most impressive Cheshire back-drops in total privacy.

LUYA's Chester Foodie Guide

Michelin-starred dining, a multi-award winning bistro and three 'Good Food Guide' favourites, all within walking distance. London, Paris or Copenhagen may spring to mind, but we're actually talking about Chester - home to LUYA HQ and a thriving food and drink scene to boot.

Not Just a Label
Appreciation or Appropriation

I wrote an article about cultural appropriation for Not Just a Label, the leading platform for emerging fashion talent! Give it a read: Not Just a Label

Six Young Creatives You Need to Know About

The prevailing media discourse about millennials is...disheartening to say the least. We can't get on the property ladder. London is becoming increasingly more expensive and inaccessible to us. We need approximately 450 years of experience and a PhD in order to get an entry level job.

Premier Construction News
Is Prosecco Falling Flat? How Champagne Never Goes Out of Fashion

The arrival of The Chester Grosvenor's Champagne and cocktail bar has taken centre stage after its refurbishment earlier this year, and it has got people talking about the timelessness of Champagne and whether Prosecco presents a realistic threat to the iconic tipple. There's no denying that the UK has developed a thirst for Prosecco in ...

London: Fashion Capital Under Threat?

The London fashion scene is synonymous with eccentricity, unconventionality and irreverence. A hotbed of creative talent, the capital has reared some of the most talented artists and designers in the world. But as the cost of living skyrockets, the city is becoming increasingly more inaccessible to a new generation of creatives seeking to broaden their...


Minimalism dominated the runways in 2015 but the new year marks a revival of bold eccentricity and clashing prints. I have always been intrigued by the maximalist trend. More than anything, it makes me wonder what exactly makes something aesthetically pleasing because clashing ensembles shouldn't work but somehow they just do.

Wedding Ideas
Etiquette Of The Wedding Day Kiss!

Happy International Kissing Day! With over a century of experience in hosting show-stopping weddings, The Chester Grosvenor Hotel is certainly no stranger to the dos and dont's of wedding etiquette. A couples' first kiss as a married couple is said to be the most important and meaningful one they will share.
6 Ways to go NAKED on Your Wedding Day

Would you consider going naked at your wedding? No, we're not talking about casting aside your wedding dress and baring all to unsuspecting guests. We're talking about the chic, minimalist wedding trend that's been gaining popularity over the past year by defying the 'extravagant' wedding stereotype.

Interior Bits and Pieces

Is there anything better than being curled up on the sofa and flicking through magazines for interior inspiration? "Yes, Jo. What are you, 22 going on 45? Shouldn't you be outside, enjoying the spontaneity and irreverence of youth?" ...Fair point. For reals, though, there's something deeply satisfying about scouring the net and playing the 'what-would-I-buy-if-I-had-enough-money-for-a-swanky-house' game....

Style Rebellion

It's fair to say I am not, and never have been, rebellious in the most stereotypical sense of the word. Whilst some of my teen contemporaries were flagrantly rejecting curfews and swigging vodka in a park, I was wrapped in a duvet cocoon watching Skins and munching a family-sized bag of Malteasers to myself.