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Joseph Grimberg

Writer, Creative Director, Content Strategist

Location icon United States

I help organizations create meaning through compelling content and beautiful brand experiences.

My work spans digital and traditional mediums ranging from websites and social campaigns to corporate communications and advertising.


National Healthcare Innovation Summit - 2015

Ghostwritten blog post for co-founder Karan Singh as part of a HIMSS blog series highlighting speakers in the 2015 National Healthcare Innovation Summit.


Digital & Print – Content Marketing
eQ Journal 5: Rethinking Recycling

The fifth installment in a series detailing environmental issues facing the paper industry, eQ Vol. 5 takes a hard look at the science behind recovered fiber and explores where it can be put to its best, most responsible use.

IBM – Icons of Progress

Digital – Content Marketing
Fractal Geometry

IBM researcher Benoit Mandelbrot developed fractal geometry—a concept by which mankind could use mathematical properties to describe the rough, non-Euclidean geometrical irregularities that exist in nature.

Digital – Content Marketing
Sustainable Cocoa

In 2010, IBM completed the initial genomic sequence of cocoa—in conjunction with Mars, Inc., and the USDA-ARS—in hopes of developing new, more sustainable cocoa strains.

Digital – Content Marketing
High-Temperature Superconductors

In 1986, Georg Bednorz and Alex Müller at the IBM Research Lab in Switzerland developed a ceramic compound that reached superconductivity at the highest recorded temperature, receiving the Nobel Prize for their efforts.

Digital – Content Marketing
The DNA Transistor

Working with renowned biotech company Roche, IBM is developing the DNA Transistor—a fast, portable and inexpensive technology for sequencing a human's DNA that could pave the way to personalized medicine.

Digital – Content Marketing
The Mapping of Humanity's Family Tree

IBM and National Geographic's Genographic Project analyze human DNA from around the world to determine humanity's migratory history. From this partnership, IBM became the first company with a genetic non-discrimination policy.

Digital – Content Marketing

IBM championed open-source architecture when it embraced and invested in the Linux operating system in 2000. Today, the flexible and cost effective operating system powers technologies from cell phones to supercomputers.

Digital – Content Marketing
The First Nationwide Smart Energy and Water Grid

Working with Malta's government and electric and water utilities, IBM is helping to create the world's first smart energy and water grid on a national scale—addressing the inextricable links between these two precious resources.


Digital – Annual Report
Annual Review 2012

In Harley-Davidson's first digital report to investors, the Motor Company shares some of the year's major stories and business landmarks in the 2012 Harley-Davidson Annual Review.

Digital – Brand & Marketing Guidelines
Brand Central

As Harley-Davidson became an increasingly global organization, Milwaukee recognized the need to equip regional offices the with guidelines, tools and information needed to strengthen the brand in their local markets. Proprietary.

Print – Direct Mail Brochure
P&A Spring Supplement

Parts and Accessories brochure tailored to recent purchasers of Harley-Davidson motorcycles—spotlighting the possibilities of customization.

Digital & Print – Program Rollout
Harley-Davidson Fit Shop

Printed collateral supporting the new Fit Shop customization program that helps fit any bike to any body type. Later adapted to web application.

Print – Brochure
Custom Vehicle Operations

Promotional piece for Harley-Davidson's Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) lineup—a high-performing and highly limited series of beautifully crafted motorcycles.

Print – National Dragster Advertisement
Screamin' Eagle Ad

Print ad celebrating Eddie Krawiec's NHRA Nationals win for the Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines team.

Print – Cycle News Advertisement
Screamin' Eagle Ad

Print ad congratulating Kenny Coolbeth on capturing his third consecutive AMA Grand National Twins championship for the Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle flat track racing team.

Sea Ray

Digital & Print – Inspiration Catalog
Sport Boats Catalog

Many headlines and photography created for these catalogs were later converted into advertisements and other promotional materials.

Print – Advertisement

As part of a larger re-branding effort, Sea Ray embraced a new language direction, look and feel, photographic direction and general attitude that better captured the ambitions and aspirations of their customers.

Digital & Print – Inspiration Catalog
Sport Yachts Catalog

Each catalog features photography and language specifically tailored to the boats' unique audiences.

Digital & Print – Inspiration Catalog
Sport Cruisers Catalog

The re-branding effort effectively separates Sea Ray from a crowded "me-too" marketplace.


Print – Sustainabiity Report
Sustainability Report 2012

Sustainability report for Procter & Gamble detailing major sustainability milestones achieved in 2012 and tracking the consumer goods company's progress toward self-identified 2020 goals.

Avery Dennison


Print – Product Brochure
GE Healthcare IT Services

Brochure promoting the range and benefits of working with GE Healthcare IT Services to maximize the performance your health IT solution.

Digital – Online Advertisement
GE Healthcare Centricity Ad

OLA promoting the benefits of Centricity Business revenue cycle management from GE Healthcare.

IBM – Smarter Planet

Digital – App
IBM GPS Sales App

Interactive sales tool featuring video, motion graphics, slideshows and infographics created for the app to tell the IBM story in a dynamic and tailored way.

Digital & Print – Sales Enablement
GBS – Energy & Utilities

Part of a series of sales presentations created to support IBM's Smarter Planet agenda and business consulting services.

Digital & Print – Sales Enablement
GBS – Retail

Part of a series of sales presentations created to support IBM's Smarter Planet agenda and business consulting services.

Digital & Print – Sales Enablement
GBS – Integrated Risk Management

Part of a series of sales presentations created to support IBM's Smarter Planet agenda and business consulting services.




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