Jordan Bressler

Content Marketing Consultant

In a quarter century of professional experience, I've been an inquisitive journalist, a trusted PR professional for both an NBA team and Fortune 100 company, an executive-level collaborator and strategist and an entrepreneur who could both strategize and tactically execute.

Now, I've set forth on a new mission: to leverage my skills as a communicator, marketer, manager and mentor for companies and clients who appreciate that the marketing landscape has changed. The road to a solid marketing and communications strategy is pocked with potential pitfalls; climb aboard and I'll leverage my skills, experiences and dogged determination to ensure we, together, succeed in our conquest.


Four Ways that Marketing Can Supercharge Sales Enablement
Ghostwritten article for CMO, published at It wasn't too long ago that, when we spoke of "sales enablement," we would be considering the corporate credit card,...
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Business in Dubai
You're heading to Dubai on business? That's no surprise: The city rocketed onto the list of the top five most robust economies in the world last year, and it's considered one of...
Recruitment Video for Cloud Computing Company
Case Study - Power South Electric Cooperative
With its operations located just 63 miles from the Gulf coast, PowerSouth is no stranger to weather extremes – with its power-generating capabilities equally at risk from the...
Contracting in the IT Age: How Outside Services are Turning Mild-Mannered CIOs Into Rock Stars
The domain of the typical corporate Chief Information Officer has changed dramatically. For those of you who have been at the CIO bit for awhile, you have watched as acres of...
eBook: 10 Reasons Why Analysis Becomes Paralysis
I authored an eBook for a fractional chief marketing officer for the nation's leading "Executives-as-a-Service" firm.
Be a Long-Haul Hero. 7 Tips for Surviving Your UAE Flight
Surviving the 14-plus-hour flight to Dubai or Abu Dhabi can seem a daunting challenge, even to those with six-figure frequent-flyer accounts. To beat back the jet-bound blues,...
eBook: Marketing for the Savvy CEO
I was the researcher and collaborative author of this eBook project.
Automating Ourselves: A New Era of Productivity
I was the collaborative author of this blog post, in conjunction with Chief Outsiders.
Your 2020 Vision Is Now A Five-Year Plan
For those who have been disciples of futurist Arthur C. Clarke, it's quaint to look back at his prescient interviews of a half-century ago, and try to imagine how he could...
Listingbook AI Video for New Users
Edited, produced, scripted and storyboarded this video for America's most robust real estate search platform.
Agile Development - The Hero of Mobile Application Production
Agile - the very mention of the word evokes something nimble, quick, coordinated and active. For technical employees who have been introduced to the workflow scheme known as the...
Patriot Capital Corporation: The Home Of Hassle-Free Equipment Financing
Patriot Capital Corporation is the home of hassle-free equipment financing.
Polyurethane wheel | Caster Concepts
The advent of polyurethane roughly 50 years ago revolutionized many industries and products, including heavy-duty industrial casters and wheels. Today, roughly 80 percent of all...
Four Reasons to Assemble Your Facility Incident Response Plan Today
Texas Pete - Bon Appétit Vegas Uncork'd 2012
I produced and directed this corporate video for hot sauce company Texas Pete.

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