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Jon Street (@JonStreet) is a freelance journalist in Washington, D.C. He is a former assistant editor at and former Vermont Bureau Chief at He is a regular contributor to Washington Examiner, Daily Caller, Accuracy in Media and The Hill.



Trump is wrong to end DACA. Here's why...

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump plans to announce the end of DACA, the federal program that guarantees roughly 800,000 DREAMers temporary legal status in the United States, with a six-month delay to allow the Republican-controlled Congress to come up with a legislative solution to the hotly-contested issue.

Here's the Inconvenient Truth About North Korea and Nuclear Weapons

On Thursday, North Korea launched for the second time in less than a month a ballistic missile over the northern region of Japan, prompting Japanese officials to issue a mass mobile alert warning residents to stay away from any missile debris they might stumble across.

Roy Moore Loyalists Are Worse Than Bill Clinton Enablers

For years, multiple women have accused former President Bill Clinton of sexually harassing them. Some have even accused him of rape. But, to date, none of those accusations have been tried in a court of law. Therefore, none have been formally proven.

Air Force 'Error' That Possibly Led to Shooting Needs More Than 'Review'

The U.S. Air Force admitted that human error allowed Devin Kelley to purchase the guns he used to kill at least 26 people at a Texas church on Sunday. The damning revelation raises questions further adds to the argument against more gun control measures, since the ones already in place aren't even being enforced.

Republican Risk Making Same Mistake in '18 as Democrats in '16

Exactly one year ago today, American voters sent political shockwaves throughout the world by electing Donald Trump as president of the United States. A Washington outsider, Trump pushed the issues that most resonated with financially distraught, hard-working middle class earners who haven't had a raise in decades.

Consider This Before Taking Sides with Pro-Lifers Kicked Out of LGBT-Owned Coffee Shop

Earlier today, Red State reported that a gay coffee shop owner in Seattle forcible removed a group of pro-life customers who distributed anti-LGBT brochures. As I read the piece, I had a few thoughts I wanted to share. Business owners should (and in most places do) have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Daily Caller

The Daily Caller
Why Was North Korea Removed From State Terror Sponsor List In The First Place?

President Donald Trump reversed a decade-long U.S. policy on North Korea Monday by designating the Kim Jong Un regime a state sponsor of terror. In a statement announcing the move, the president referred to North Korea as a "murderous regime" and vowed to impose on the country the "highest level of sanctions," as The Daily Caller reported.

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