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Jonathan DeHart

Writer focused on travel, culture and society in Asia

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Jonathan DeHart is a Tokyo-based writer and editor focused on culture and society in Asia. He is the author of a first-edition Japan guidebook for Moon Travel Guides and a journalist with more than 500 published articles. His work has been selected for various "best of" lists by The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, Foreign Policy and Real Clear World. He has also worked as an editor for webzines, including The Diplomat, newswires and a monthly print magazine. Beyond his work as a writer and editor, he interprets trends in Asia for leading behavioral insights and cultural consulting agencies.


Travel Guides

Moon Travel Guides
Moon Japan

From the world's busiest intersection to the most serene hot springs, modernity and tradition mingle in Japan. Experience the natural wonder and rich culture...

Cultural Commentary (Asia-wide)

Kyoto Journal
Pop, Politics and Modern Asia

Asia has a long way to go in addressing its past and present political baggage. A more progressive spirit in the region’s popular culture could help change the conversation.

The Diplomat
Buddhism Today, East and West

While the Buddha’s message is alive in the East, in the West some say it has been scrambled.


The Ritz-Carlton Magazine
Islands Apart

Weary of the concrete jungle, residents across Japan flock to the subtropical Okinawa Prefecture, where the laid-back locals and distinct culture weave a spell of their own.

The Diplomat
Donald Richie: 1924-2013

Donald Richie, American writer on Japan, mentor and humanist, has died at 88.

East Asia (China, the Koreas, Mongolia)

The Diplomat
Hong Kong: Asia's New Art Capital?

With the city’s first Art Basel event, Hong Kong is cementing its status as one of the world’s leading art centers.

Global Times
Good Vibrations

Sex toys and social change in Shanghai.

Southeast Asia

The Diplomat
Painting the Bangkok Night

An interview with American artist Chris Coles on his watercolor visions of Bangkok’s seedy side.

South Asia

The Diplomat
Why Did the Taliban Shoot Malala?

A senior Taliban official has written a letter to Malala Yousafzai, offering a glimpse into the group’s hidden fears.

The Diplomat
Saving the Buddhas of Mes Aynak

In a race against time, archaeologists are working to save a Buddhist site of immense significance in Afghanistan, slated for imminent destruction by a Chinese mining firm.

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