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Jonah T Peoples

Game Writer, Blogger, Foodie and Do-er For Hire.

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Lead Narrative Writer for MidknightMaple Studios. Staff writer for Bonus Stage UK. Avid gamer, self published author of Project Sovereign. Cooker of delicious foods and former NCAA athlete.

Bonus Stage
Fallout 76 Review

Fallout 76 is the sixth instalment to the legendary franchise by the heavy hitting Bethesda Studios. The Fallout franchise is possibly one of the greatest and most recognized series in the history of modern gaming. In Fallout 76, you emerge from your hidden nuclear vault and into the beautifully irradiated lands of West Virginia.

MidKnight Maple Studios
Q'uiverjaw Bio

A brief biography on the habitats and nature of the deadly Q'uiverjaw

Bonus Stage
Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare DLC 3 Packs in 1 Review

After spending some good time in Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, I quickly came to see how easy and almost rudimentary it was. I mean no disrespect by that, but it was how the game came across. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a zombie smashing bit game forged by Mobirate studios, this pack includes: Starter Pack, Circus Pack and SWAT Bundle.

MidKnight Maple Studios
Whipvyne Bio

A brief biography on the habitats and nature of the mysterious Whipvyne.

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