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Freelance journalist

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Former medical correspondent for The Mail on Sunday and 15 years experience at national newspapers in the UK.

Writes interviews and features, and investigates health and medical issues.

Articles in The Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail, The Sun, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Mirror, The Sunday Times and The Independent.



Mail Online
Laurence Fox's custody battle with Billie Piper lost him everything

Laurence Fox will spend Father's Day with Winston, nine, and Eugene, six It's the first time he will see them without the threat of losing them for good He was engaged in a long and bitter divorce battle with ex-wife Billie Piper Legal battle cost him almost all his money and he wants the system changed As Laurence Fox gathers his two young children close today, the low-key Father's Day celebration belies what will be, undoubtedly, a precious moment.

Mail Online
TANA RAMSAY explains how exercise helps her deal with family trauma

There is much for Tana Ramsay to be grateful for today. But the wife of sweary television chef Gordon Ramsay, now head of a £43 million restaurant empire, is not immune to shedding a few tears every now and again - indeed, she says, it's a necessity.

The Independent
Could an organ transplant be the ultimate way to 'share' on Facebook?

The two women embraced as they met in the crowded hotel lobby, smiling and joking with just a touch of awkwardness. Karen Brown and Gemma Coles could have been mistaken for any old friends seeing each other again after a long time apart. But they were meeting for the first time.

Mail Online
The dedicated NHS doctor they tried to gag then destroy

It was Chris Day's dream to become a consultant in A&E medicine But that all changed when Chris reported staffing levels were 'unsafe' at night His concerned phone call left his career in tatters and sparked a legal battle NHS agencies have accused him of having 'personal and professional' issues The Court of Appeal ruled Chirs can finally see an employment tribunal Chris Day had an unblemished record as a junior doctor.

Pret allergy death: mother's desperate last words to Natasha

The last words Tanya Ednan-Laperouse spoke by phone to her daughter Natasha as she lay dying 650 miles away are etched indelibly on her memory.Alone in an airport lounge at Stansted, Tanya sobbed down the line as Natasha's life slipped away in a French hospital after she suffered a catastrophic alle

Health Investigations for The Mail on Sunday

Mail Online
Scientists hail stem cell revolution to treat incurable conditions

Stem cells were discovered by scientists in the 1960s in a major breakthrough The cells have enormous potential for the treatment of devastating conditions Scientists are working on techniques using the cells to help the body heal itself Some important stem cell therapies are already in use within the NHS They are the building blocks of human life.

Mail Online
Junior doctor struck off after six-year-old's death is granted appeal

Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was convicted after Jack Adcock died of sepsis in 2011 Doctors who protested her removal said 'systemic failures' were to blame This week the Appeal Court granted Dr Bawa-Garba a second legal challenge A junior doctor struck off following the tragic death of a six-year-old boy has been sensationally granted an appeal following a huge backlash by NHS staff.

Mail Online
How fake food news is putting us all at risk

A survey of dieticians claimed Facebook was a major source of disinformation Extraordinary claims of health cures are widely shared by users of social media Public Health England has issued a warning about online fake food news Experts warn that people are experimenting with extreme and dangerous diets Carrot juice that cures cancer, deadly sweeteners in a can of Coke, and a girl who claims the key to beating arthritis is a steak-only diet.

Mail Online
How fake news is SERIOUSLY damaging our health

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: We are living in an era of fake news, spread under the guise of legitimate reporting Can plastic bottles cause cancer? This can myth be traced to a viral email that first appeared in 2004 Will my phone give me a tumour?

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