Joline Bakker

Photographer and Journalist

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As leading reporter in the north of Chile my task is to report on major events and happenings in the region. While traveling around and showing the beauty of this country I also promote the English website I Love Chile in the north. With my travel journeys and photographs I love to show the beauty of the world in all its aspects.



I Love Brazil_Jolinebakker
Samba’s the Magic Word: Carnaval is Here!

If you want to do business in Brazil, now is not the time. Here, they say that the first day of the year isn’t in January, but the day after Carnaval. The streets of Brazil have been transformed in a colorful sea of people singing and dancing… SAMBA!!!

I Love Brazil_Jolinebakker
Sweet Avocado and Other Brazilian Delights

Eating avocado as a fruit instead of vegetable opens up a whole new world. Add sugar and a spoonful of lemon juice and experience something you never tasted before.


I Love Chili -
The Dark Side of Escondida Mine’s CL$23 Million Bonus

A month after Chuquicamata mineworkers received their multimillion peso Christmas bonus, the management of Escondida Mine in Antofagasta is now following suit by offering their employees a CL$23 million bonus. ANTOFAGASTA – Naturally, the laborers working in the Escondida Mine are very happy to receive such a large amount of money.

I Love Chile_Jolinebakker
Dakar 2013 Brings Fiesta to Calama

Thousands fans and spectators traveled to “Campamento Limon Verde” to see the famous Dakar Rally riders arrive in Calama. The spectacle was a real fiesta and the public welcomed the local and international heroes with loud cheers.

I Love Chile_Jolinebakker
Antofagasta: Sea World Paradise in the North

With the Dakar Rally attracting loads of tourists to the northern regions of the country, I Love Chile happily makes use of this opportunity to promote the beauty of Antofagasta.

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