John Potter

Freelance Technical Writer

Location icon United States

As Copy Manager for XTRABYTES Ltd., I manage staff writers passionate about blockchain technology. I have basic familiarity with Oxygen XML Editor, Madcap Flare, Framemaker, RoboHelp, Author-IT, and Github.
Title: Technical Writer


Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

The Problem With Solidity

Although Solidity is the only language developers can use to create Ethereum-based smart contracts, its development is lacking.

51 Percent Attacks Become Easier As Miners Consolidate

In a highly competitive market, companies sometimes consolidate in an attempt to achieve economies of scale. The phrase refers to a company's capacity to increase output so as to decrease cost per unit of output. Industry consolidation frequently occurs to achieve economies of scale.

XTRABYTES Development Platform

Non-Tech Content

Russian Craft: History and Design (ebook)

Self-published book. Focus on 18th-20th-century Russian crafts (Kasli iron sculpture, Ghzel ceramics, Zhosotovo trays, Vologda lace, Valdia bells, etc). More than 35 chapters in all.

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