John McKnight


With a diverse portfolio of experience including copywriting, film reviews, script reports and short stories I am passionate about writing, I take pride in producing work of the highest standard.

My background is in film, but I enjoy exploring any subject through writing. I also have public speaking experience, introducing screenings and particiation in panel discussions with audiences.

I am available for commissions; I regularly work to tight deadlines often on multiple projects.

I am currently Events Coordinator for the British Film Institute at BFI Southbank.



BFI Southbank Programme Guide
BFI Southbank Film Copy

A sample of copy written for the BFI Southbank Guide from the last three years

Film Reviews

Tatsumi is based on Japanese manga artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s autobiographical graphic novel A Drifting Life, and was something of a passion project for its director, Eric Khoo. A long-time fan of Tatsumi’s work, after reading A Drifting Life, Khoo was inspired to create a tribute to the artist’s life, celebrating his work and bringing it to the attention of a wider audience

Paddy Considine’s 2007 Dog Altogether was one of the shorts of the season, winning the Venice Silver Lion, a BAFTA and a BIFA for the Best Short Film. Tyrannosaur is its feature length offspring; a film about inherent violence and its rebounded effects.
Troll Hunter

In order to protect all trolls, he has to kill some. One can’t help but think of the current plight of Britain’s own badgers and modern governments’ oxymoronic policy of ‘wildlife management.’